Degree update

University update 1 1 - Degree update

The mad rush of essays and exams have started.

Engaging Service Improvement poster presentation: 16th October 2019
Engaging Service Improvement essay: 21st October 2019
Evidence Based Practice project plan: 4th November 2019
Evidence Based Practice lit review: 4th November 2019
Evidence Based Practice exam: 7th November 2019
Long Term Conditions exam: 14th November 2019
Drugs exam: 14th November 2019

I am not even thinking about exams till, after 21st October, I honestly feel I will be ok with them, it is my assignment due in on 21st that is currently killing me! At first I thought the assignment was easy but now I’m struggling to understand it. I have finally gotten an appointment with learning support as I struggle with evaluate/analyse etc , Been trying to see them for ages but nothing, have to email them direct, then they compain about the time before the deadline. Doesn’t seem right as some in my cohort appear to get appointments whenever they want and see them for EVERYTHING!!

I’ve had two essay results back so far both pretty poor marks 49 + 55. I need to really improve with the rest of the year. If I can get a decent poster/presentation mark then I should pass the module as I feel my assignment mark will be a fail.

Trying to find out if 2nd year is worth 50% or only 30%. I do hope it’s 30%

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Update on university life so far

University update - Update on university life so far

Year 1 marks

Screenshot 2019 09 07 at 14.52.19 - Update on university life so far

As you can see my marks are average. PCP was a load of crap 🙁 The units that are PASS are only pass or fail. Annoying as the pass exam I got 100% and only needed 80% to pass. I am a solid 2:2 student so far. I’d like 2:1 but I don’t really have the motivation for it and don’t necessarily need a classification to go on to further study for nursing, some do ask for 2:1/2:2 some just ask you to be a register nurse.

Year 2 marks

So far I have only gotten one mark back 49%, I have another due back next week. The first half of this academic year has been mostly placements and lessons. The exams, coursework and OSCE are all in October/November.

I did, however, have a practice drug calculation test and got 100% only need 90% I think this year. What I am really stressing over is the OSCE, last year I failed the first attempt. This year it sounds better as we have 5 stations at 12 mins each and need to only gain 20 out of 40 marks with nothing compulsory like last year.

20190901 001826 1024x285 - Update on university life so far

I am currently on my third placement, a short 3 weeks on a surgical ward (digestive diseases). I don’t know why but I get nervous every second I’m on the ward, mainly thinking that I need to know everything which I don’t. Three weeks should fly by though.

- Update on university life so far

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That time I start thinking I have MH issues

mental health 2019924 1280 1024x682 - That time I start thinking I have MH issues

I’ve always thought I’d had things going on in my head, I just was good as suppressing them. I’d have down days, feel depressed, not want to leave the house or do anything days.

I think it has started to come to ahead this year. During my first placement in ED in March/April I was doing only the things I HAD to do. I was cancelling bank shifts left right & centre. The bank team at the hospital didn’t like this so I was let go, thankfully I have other employment but that isn’t any better.

In June I stopped going to uni, I just wanted to be in my ‘happy place’ the gym. I would, however, carry on with my assignments and eventually start my second placement but did little else. The placement went well and I was waiting to start my HCA bank job at the new trust.

Placement ended on the 26th July and I eventually got onto the bank the following week. As I did an induction in June my official start date is June. Since finishing my second placement I have only worked two shifts despite having been booked on my many more. I’d leave the house in the morning, get almost there, then cancel the shifts. I was just going round in circles.

The thing is I can’t afford NOT to be working.

time 3270448 1280 1024x683 - That time I start thinking I have MH issues

I had a great opportunity to work loads throughout August but worked three shifts in total!

Things really came to a head about a week ago, I didn’t know what I wanted to do or if I wanted to keep going, this is still being sorted out and the person involved is really a nasty person.

Thankfully I have a lovely support network at home, and I will get through this. I have pushed everything away for so long I can continue to do so for the foreseeable future.

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Body scan results

styku landing page jpeg - Body scan results

On Monday I went to my very first CrossFit class but first I had my body scan done.

Screenshot 2019 08 16 at 07.46.15 - Body scan results

According to the scan, I am 89.4 kg (197 lb) with a body fat of 36.7%!!!! That is what one of my 2 scales at home says but still WTF. Even if it isn’t accurate at least it’s a number to improve on. Maybe my original weight of 203 lb was also wrong. I know I have lost weight so who really knows.


Screenshot 2019 08 16 at 07.52.38 - Body scan results
Screenshot 2019 08 16 at 07.52.48 - Body scan results
Screenshot 2019 08 16 at 07.53.00 - Body scan results
Screenshot 2019 08 16 at 08.01.08 - Body scan results


The results have me at a 6kg loss by 6th November. MY BMR was calculated as 1600 with my TDEE as 2241 and calorie in goal as 1700. My Fitbit has my average TDEE as 2249 and MFP had my calorie goal as 1730. So all inline with each other.

Next scan

I have another scan in 3 months, then I aim to have 1 every year for the next few years until I get to goal.

Has anyone else ever had a 3d scan?

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First time doing the Clean

I do these of my favorite exercises.... 1 - First time doing the Clean

My last 1-2-1 I worked on the Hang/Power Clean move. First using a dowl to work to break down the movement then onto a 7.5kg training barbell then to a 15kg bar with 10kgs.

I need lots of work on this move, like most people starting out. The hang positioning at the top, the hip thurst, all will come with time.
I have a 6kg york barbell at home with 8kg of plates to work on it. I do feel at times it might be too light to fully engage with the movement but it is great to be able to practice whenever I want.

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When you just want to throw up.

intro 14946128216144611501352264870 - When you just want to throw up.

I had my second 1-2-1 on Wednesday, I wanted to die! Warm up then got working on presses to find out my 3RM. I’ve never been good with this exercise, I have no arm strength. 

push press - When you just want to throw up.

vs strict press

strict press - When you just want to throw up.

I started with 15kg bar for the strict press, moving to 20kg then 25kg then 30kg. Couldn’t get 3 reps with 30kg so moved back down to 25kg with is now my 3RM.
For the push press, I started with 25kg which I found easy-ish. 30kg is my 3RM.

The class ended with The Ladder – 250-meter row; 15 kettlebell swings (12kg), 25 burpees, 15 kettlebell swings (12kg), 250-meter row. The burpees OMG the burpees, I needed so many breaks to complete them, oh how I hate them! Needed to rest halfway through the 2nd lot of KB swings and at the start of the last row but with encouragement from the coach I managed to complete it in 12 min flat.

Once the class was over I had a little while to wait for the bus, 20 mins to be exact. Here is where I throw up any water I had drunk in the session, the short bus journey was so lovely just trying not to throw up again lol.

I managed to get home and have 2 hours rest before going out for the rest of the day & evening.

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