When a bank job isn’t a bank job

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interview 2204251 1920 - When a bank job isn't a bank job

Yesterday I had an interview for the local eye centre. I’m not looking for a new part-time job and don’t really need a 2nd job right now (other than increased debt payments) but I wanted a bank position where I could work as and when I liked and was local.

I applied for the job on the 31st May with a closing date of 6th June. This was clearly for a bank position. I’d given up on it and started to think had I actually applied or forgotten.

Anyways on the 9th August I received an invite to interview and quickly booked my slot for 21st August. All this time there was no mention of hours other than on the advert. I arrived yesterday, had a good interview and was shown around. It wasn’t till the end of the actual interview when I asked about shifts  was I told it was a full time position! Hold on a min, the advert stated bank and I’d gone to the interview for a bank position!

I really like the sound of the job and if I wasn’t doing my nurse training or it was a part-time position I would have jumped at an offer. I hear today if I was successful and if so I have to turn it down. 

The trust have since placed a new general bank advert but I can’t apply as I am on placement on the interview day. I think I am just going to wait til after placement in December and hope something comes up. I still have my part-time role, bank within the same trust (only same department for 3 months, then I can work in other areas), and bank with another trust, so I’m not short of money thankfully.

I’ll just chalk this up to interview experience.

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Finances: Tools to help me budget + pay off debt…



how works 1 - Finances: Tools to help me budget + pay off debt...

YNAB is a budgeting app/software where you budget to zero each month, ‘every dollar has a job’. There are 4 basic rules that you should follow:

Rule 1: Give Every Dollar A Job

Rule 2: Embrace Your True Expenses

Rule 3: Roll With The Punches

Rule 4: Age Your Money

For a fully detailed explaination check out YNAB

YNAB has really helped me figure out a budget for me, there is often some tweaking throughout the month and I have not perfected it yet but it has really helped me see into the future. I am continually learning new things about the programme and they are continually adding new features.

I started off with classic YNAB which was a piece of software you placed on your pc, eventually I moved to nYAB which is an online programme as well as app. I don’t use the app so much as I prefer to do transactions on the main portal, but the app is a great way to add transactions as & when they happen. The programme costs me £4.44 a month and is well worth it.

I will do a whole post/s on how I use YNAB soon.

PAYE Tax Calculator

My wage changes each month depending on how much unsocial I do. To produce the best budget I can on YNAB I use a PAYE tax calculator to workout my take home pay. You can add deductions for student loans, pensions, change your tax code as well as change your NI letter. My tax code, therefore allowance is slightly higher than most on the basic code as I have claimed for uniform. It doesn’t give me much extra but it all helps.

I use this for both my main job as well as my bank/second job.

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September 2017 – Monthly Income Report


month august 1024x683 - September 2017 - Monthly Income Report

Income £101.56 – Expenses £33.48 = Profit £60.48


I have just started to place adsense ads onto this site and will be doing so soon on other sites. So far I have received no income from this. Still not getting traffic to my sites


I have yet to started working on my affliate marketing still.

Match betting

I haven’t picked this up again yet.


Opinion Outpost = £10.50
Prolific = £20.19

Not as much as last month but it’s not bad.


Sold nothing this month.


CEX = £19.40
Magpie = £51.47
Ziffit = £0


Article writing = £25.70
Blog hosting = £7.78

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Finance | Building a strategy to pay down debt


fitness finance life - Finance | Building a strategy to pay down debt

Create a Budget

The first strategy to pay off debt fast is to create a budget.  A budget tells you where your money NEEDS to go, you need to list all your income & outgoings for the month and make it balance.

Your budget should take into account the following information:

  • Your income
  • Fixed Expenses
  • Discretionary Expenses
  • Saving
  • Debts

Lower Your Expenses

While you are in debt it is best to throw as much at it as possible. To do this think about what you really NEED and not what you WANT. Do you need an expensive TV package, a gym membership or charity donations. Can you reduce your insurance or car expenses?

You budget will show you were you are spending your money and the areas you can cut back on.

Increase Your Income

Increasing your income is a good way to repay your debt. You can ask for extra hours at your job, take on a second job if it will be possible, sell your things, take online surveys, take on a bank job or anything else your skills will allow.

I do online surveys as well as work on the bank at the local hospital.

Pay More than the Minimum Payment

Always make sure that you are paying at least the minimum on all your debts. Doing this will avoid late fees, defaults and can improve your credit history.

Paying more each month will reduce the amount you pay in interest in the long run.

Debt Snowball or Avalanche Method

Once you have worked out a budget and figured out you can pay more than the minimum to your debts you can start on paying it down.

According to Dave Ramsey the debt snowball method is:

The debt snowball method is a debt reduction strategy where you pay off debts in order of smallest to largest, gaining momentum as each balance is paid off. When the smallest debt is paid in full, you roll the money you were paying on that debt into the next smallest balance.

It looks something like this:

Step 1: List your debts from smallest to largest.
Step 2: Make minimum payments on all your debts except the smallest.
Step 3: Pay as much as possible on your smallest debt.
Step 4: Repeat until each debt is paid in full.

The avalanche method is classed as the following:

A method of repaying debts in which a debtor allots enough money to make the minimum payment on each debt, then devotes any remaining  debt-repayment funds to repaying the debt with the highest interest rate. Using the debt avalanche method, once the debt with the highest interest rate is completely paid off, the extra repayment funds go toward the next highest interest-bearing debt. This process continues until all the debts are paid off.

Each method will have you paying off your debt in the same amount of time but with the avalanche method you will be paying less overall.

I personally am using the second method.

Stop Using Credit Cards

To be able to truly clear your debt you need stop spending on your cards, if you don’t have the money for something then you can’t have it.

Cut your cards up, hid them in a draw, place them in ice in the freezer. Do anything to make sure they aren’t in easy reach. Once you’ve paid of a card cancel it. This in turn will improve your credit history.

Balance Transfer

If you are lucky enough to have a good credit history (I am not) then you could try to open a card with a 0% APR and transfer some or all your debt to it.  Once you have done this make a plan to pay it off before the 0% runs out. You will need to look at the transfer fee and whether you will get a decent credit limit as well as how long the offer is for.

Change your Lifestyle

This strategy is a round up of everything already mentioned.

  • Spend less than you earn
  • Differentiate your wants from your needs
  • Don’t try to keep up with others lifestyle
  • Set long term goals

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How to pick the right gym


How to pick the right gym for you - How to pick the right gym

Have you ever joined a gym only to go a few times. Have you ever joined without really checking the gym out. If so you are not alone, many people including myself have done the same.

Below are tips to check out before you join another gym


When are you likely to workout? If it’s before or after work try looking for a gym in that area. If it’s in the evenings/weekends/days off then one more local to home would be ideal.  For me I want to be able to walk there & back and not have the trouble of transport and additional costs.


What type of workout are you looking to do. Do you need cardio equipment (treadmill, bike, cross trainer) or is it barbells and power racks. There is no point joining a gym that doesn’t have what you need.


Do you need big modern changing rooms, steam room, pool etc or do you just need somewhere to freshen up afterwards. For me I don’t need all the ‘extras’, I rarely change after a workout before going home.


Do you have a tight budget to stick to. If you’re like me then the cheaper the better. I’ve tried many different priced gyms and have found that they all differ. I have found that the health club type gyms can be good, but they are pricey,  busy and just didn’t offer all the equipment I need.


Are you looking to join in classes or are you like me who just thinks she will but never does. Try to find a place that includes classes in the membership price as they can add up quickly if extra.

Opening times

The best thing to do is work out a weekly schedule. Find out what spare time you have, it is best to stick to the same time each week to get into a routine. Some gyms are open 24hrs others from 8am-10pm. I’ve always liked working out before 6am as the gym is pretty empty then and I can do what I like 😉 Ask the gym what their busy hrs are and try to stay away from them.


Do you want a ladies only gym, a boxing gym, crossfit gym, body building gym or an all around-er?  The ‘ladies’ gym near me is a circuit gym so is a no no, crossfit is too expensive and boxing gyms are just not for me. I look for somewhere that has cardio equipment as well as a great free weights section. It doesn’t matter to me who trains there. The general ‘mans’ zone (free weights) isn’t really that anymore and you will find many ladies in there training. Plus everyone just gets on with their workout and doesn’t care about you.

To find the perfect gym, don’t be afraid to ask questions, use a free pass and see it first hand before handing over your money.

Comment below which your experiences of finding a gym

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5 of the best free survey sites to make extra money


Over the past through years I have gone back & forth with survey sites. While they can be a good source of extra income, I was just too lazy to pursue them after many times being kicked off a survey for not meeting their requirements.

I have since seen the need for them and tested out the best ones to use. Each month I can make a few £100, by just sitting at my laptop  while watching TV.

I would suggest signing up for as many as you can. Some pay out less than £1 per survey while others pay £3+ per survey. Sometimes it in cash while other times in vouchers.


prolific cloud logo - 5 of the best free survey sites to make extra money

Prolific are one of the best survey sights to join, with great payout. It is very easy to get to the £20 payout within a week or two. I suggest getting payment through Circle and not paypal as there are no fees to pay.

resources 2 - 5 of the best free survey sites to make extra money

Opinion Outpost pays out after every 50 points (£2.50) to Paypal or Amazon and 200+ points for web vouchers.

screen shot 2015 05 08 at 14.20.27 1 - 5 of the best free survey sites to make extra moneyYougov uses credits. Payout is 4900 credits (£50) and paid out as cash.

Screen Shot 2017 02 18 at 8.13.24 PM - 5 of the best free survey sites to make extra money

You earn points by taking surveys with GlobalTestMarket. These points can be used towards cash (paypal), gift cards and e-gift cards. 575 points is needs for a £5 payout.

ClixSense Logo - 5 of the best free survey sites to make extra money

Clixsense have surveys, tasks and offers. Payout if from $10 through a variety of methods of giftcards, none being paypal or circle. People in the UK would need to use Skrill with an online wallet or a pre-paid card. Though there is a fee of 1%

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