September budget

Screenshot 2018 08 26 at 08.41.31 - September budget

I got a very decent income going into September, partly due to a small back pay from the not so good NHS deal and partly due to one & a bit months pay from my new job.

I have £388.86 left over and plan to pay of more off my debts with it. I could pay off one of two different cards or pay down my highest interest card, I’m not sure which just yet. 

I won’t have this amount of income again for a while , if ever, but my outgoing will drop also so there won’t be a big impact, I’ve just added some more cash for spending as I am able to this month and will drop it from next month. 

When a bank job isn’t a bank job

interview 2204251 1920 - When a bank job isn't a bank job

Yesterday I had an interview for the local eye centre. I’m not looking for a new part-time job and don’t really need a 2nd job right now (other than increased debt payments) but I wanted a bank position where I could work as and when I liked and was local.

I applied for the job on the 31st May with a closing date of 6th June. This was clearly for a bank position. I’d given up on it and started to think had I actually applied or forgotten.

Anyways on the 9th August I received an invite to interview and quickly booked my slot for 21st August. All this time there was no mention of hours other than on the advert. I arrived yesterday, had a good interview and was shown around. It wasn’t till the end of the actual interview when I asked about shifts  was I told it was a full time position! Hold on a min, the advert stated bank and I’d gone to the interview for a bank position!

I really like the sound of the job and if I wasn’t doing my nurse training or it was a part-time position I would have jumped at an offer. I hear today if I was successful and if so I have to turn it down. 

The trust have since placed a new general bank advert but I can’t apply as I am on placement on the interview day. I think I am just going to wait til after placement in December and hope something comes up. I still have my part-time role, bank within the same trust (only same department for 3 months, then I can work in other areas), and bank with another trust, so I’m not short of money thankfully.

I’ll just chalk this up to interview experience.

[finance] Debt + savings August ’18 edition

Below is my August debt payments as well as my savings. I’m not actually adding anything to my savings just yet as I’m trying (not being successful at) throwing everything at my debts.


Screenshot 2018 08 21 at 07.40.00 2 - [finance] Debt + savings August '18 edition


Screenshot 2018 08 21 at 16.11.45 - [finance] Debt + savings August '18 edition

I aim to have 100 units in a stock and then I’ll move onto the next. I have looked at my stock for a few months so am unsure what last months balance was, I can say that when I did look at it a few months a go it was only around the £300 mark. 

I want to at some point buy shares but they are much costlier to purchase.

Do you invest in stocks & shares?

[finance] Debt update August 2018

western debt and the handling 3603421 1920 - [finance] Debt update August 2018

So how are things going with my debt pay down. No that well to be honest.

I have 6 credit cards that I am currently paying the minimum on or at least trying to and plenty of others that I’m paying nothing to. Full details below.

Capital One (a) Balance = £81.21 | Limit = £200 | Payment = £25
Capital One (b) Balance = £146.82 | Limit = £200 | Payment = £25
Lloyds Balance = £451.23 | Limit = £500 | Payment = minimum

Aqua Balance = £216.74 | Limit = £200 | Payment =£0
Marbles Balance = £732.34 | Limit = £700 | Payment = £0
Barclaycard = £400 | Limit = £400 | Payment = £0

Natwest Loan Balance = £4889 | Waiting for default | Payment = £0
Natwest OD Balance = £799 | Limit = £1250 | Waiting for default | Payment = £0
Very Balance = £772 | Waiting for default | Payment = £0
JD Williams = £1742.18 | Waiting for default | Payment = £0

ARC (David Lloyd) Balance = £582 | Payment = £0
MMF (QQ) Balance = £481 | Payment = £0 | In dispute
Lending Stream Balance = £86 | Payment = £0 | In dispute
Trugym Balance = £86 | Payment = £0 | In dispute

So why am I not paying some and waiting for defaults on others.

The ones where I am waiting for a default I am aiming to set up a repayment plan or offer full & final settlements in the future. The last four I am disputing that I even own anything or I’m ever aiming for a settlement or a statute barred date (6 years from last payment). They either are no longer on my file or about to fall off. I have sent SAR requests to these and I’m hoping that they are unenforceable. It has been proven that the SB/unenforceable route can work.

My credit file is so trashed already that anything else added won’t mean a thing. 

Finance: Credit Scores – May 2018

images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSE6wdc7Cq9jYS77ACtYtOFUyNFQjbFzhVoDS5ESLhVZNt2nrei - Finance: Credit Scores - May 2018


Moneysavingexpert club current score 12/999 down 86 points
Total Money current score 395/710 down 73 points
Noddle current score 427/710 down 25 points
Clearscore current score 175/700 down 100 points
GiffGaff tech issues
Experian Card Matcher current score 38/999 down 49 points

So it looks like all my scores have gone down rather than up. This is due to me defaulting on some of my credit facilities – loan/catalogue etc It will start going up soon.