Fitlab Worthing

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Evolve Lab – Strength

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Evolve Lab – HIIT

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The first part of “Health 2020” is to join a new studio in Worthing. The cost is currently 50% off @ £49.50 for unlimited classes plus open sessions. They also have a fight club but I’ll be leaving that for others to enjoy.

I plan on doing a review of my experience in future months.

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2020 is THE year

finance fitness

I’m making 2020 the year of change, the year that I have to sort my self out both in health & in wealth.


I have plans to start paying down my debt, slowly at first but throwing what I can at it when I can. I have set up a separate YNAB budget just for debts as well as it’s own bank account.

I am also setting targets for things I want to achieve throughout the year.

Lewis (bonfire night) £100 / £10 pcm
Christmas £200 / £10 pcm – to be added to as & when
Offers £300 / £15 pcm – to be added to as & when
Savings £no target / £10 pcm – to be added to as & when
Daytona flights £1010
Daytona hotel £2000
NASCAR tickets £1500

The Daytona holiday isn’t til Feb 2021 so have time to save up.


As of 5th January, I am 166.4 lbs

20200103 083413 768x1024 - 2020 is THE year
20200103 083430 768x1024 - 2020 is THE year
20200103 083444 768x1024 - 2020 is THE year
20200103 083500 768x1024 - 2020 is THE year

My measurements are:

Neck 14.5ins | Wrist 6.5ins | Wasit 39ins | Hips 45.5ins | Calf 17.5ins | Thigh 26.5in | Chest (O) 45in | Chest (U) 38in |Stomach 45in

As you can see I have a ways to go. I have plans to join a crossfit box in February, it’s £75 a month but cheaper than other boxes and it for 3 classes a week rather than the usual 2.

What are other peoples plans for 2020?

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Body scan results

styku landing page jpeg - Body scan results

On Monday I went to my very first CrossFit class but first I had my body scan done.

Screenshot 2019 08 16 at 07.46.15 - Body scan results

According to the scan, I am 89.4 kg (197 lb) with a body fat of 36.7%!!!! That is what one of my 2 scales at home says but still WTF. Even if it isn’t accurate at least it’s a number to improve on. Maybe my original weight of 203 lb was also wrong. I know I have lost weight so who really knows.


Screenshot 2019 08 16 at 07.52.38 - Body scan results
Screenshot 2019 08 16 at 07.52.48 - Body scan results
Screenshot 2019 08 16 at 07.53.00 - Body scan results
Screenshot 2019 08 16 at 08.01.08 - Body scan results


The results have me at a 6kg loss by 6th November. MY BMR was calculated as 1600 with my TDEE as 2241 and calorie in goal as 1700. My Fitbit has my average TDEE as 2249 and MFP had my calorie goal as 1730. So all inline with each other.

Next scan

I have another scan in 3 months, then I aim to have 1 every year for the next few years until I get to goal.

Has anyone else ever had a 3d scan?

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First time doing the Clean

I do these of my favorite exercises.... 1 - First time doing the Clean

My last 1-2-1 I worked on the Hang/Power Clean move. First using a dowl to work to break down the movement then onto a 7.5kg training barbell then to a 15kg bar with 10kgs.

I need lots of work on this move, like most people starting out. The hang positioning at the top, the hip thurst, all will come with time.
I have a 6kg york barbell at home with 8kg of plates to work on it. I do feel at times it might be too light to fully engage with the movement but it is great to be able to practice whenever I want.

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When you just want to throw up.

intro 14946128216144611501352264870 - When you just want to throw up.

I had my second 1-2-1 on Wednesday, I wanted to die! Warm up then got working on presses to find out my 3RM. I’ve never been good with this exercise, I have no arm strength. 

push press - When you just want to throw up.

vs strict press

strict press - When you just want to throw up.

I started with 15kg bar for the strict press, moving to 20kg then 25kg then 30kg. Couldn’t get 3 reps with 30kg so moved back down to 25kg with is now my 3RM.
For the push press, I started with 25kg which I found easy-ish. 30kg is my 3RM.

The class ended with The Ladder – 250-meter row; 15 kettlebell swings (12kg), 25 burpees, 15 kettlebell swings (12kg), 250-meter row. The burpees OMG the burpees, I needed so many breaks to complete them, oh how I hate them! Needed to rest halfway through the 2nd lot of KB swings and at the start of the last row but with encouragement from the coach I managed to complete it in 12 min flat.

Once the class was over I had a little while to wait for the bus, 20 mins to be exact. Here is where I throw up any water I had drunk in the session, the short bus journey was so lovely just trying not to throw up again lol.

I managed to get home and have 2 hours rest before going out for the rest of the day & evening.

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Starting my Crossfit journey

sport 2188444 1280 - Starting my Crossfit journey

I’ve taken the plunge and joined my local Crossfit box. Looking forward to seeing my progress not just in weight loss but in strength too. I have currently gone for a 2 class a week plan as I just can’t commit to more at the moment.

The box starts new ‘athletes’ in the Academy. This includes a body scan + 3 1-2-1 classes to get used to the movements. I haven’t had the scan yet as wifi was down that day.

Current weight

BeFunky collage - Starting my Crossfit journey

I will do a post of my scan results once I’ve done it. So far I’ve gone through front & back squats. Front squats I don’t like due to hand placement, my wrists hate me,

Hopefully, I will continue to log my journey to a better me

Anyone else doing Crossfit?

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