[finance] Debt + savings August ’18 edition

Below is my August debt payments as well as my savings. I’m not actually adding anything to my savings just yet as I’m trying (not being successful at) throwing everything at my debts.


Screenshot 2018 08 21 at 07.40.00 2 - [finance] Debt + savings August '18 edition


Screenshot 2018 08 21 at 16.11.45 - [finance] Debt + savings August '18 edition

I aim to have 100 units in a stock and then I’ll move onto the next. I have looked at my stock for a few months so am unsure what last months balance was, I can say that when I did look at it a few months a go it was only around the £300 mark. 

I want to at some point buy shares but they are much costlier to purchase.

Do you invest in stocks & shares?

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