Here is a round up of my investments for 2017. I did have more than this but I switched from a ISA to a LISA then needed to use the money 🙁

Investment ISA via Moneybox

Screenshot 20180101 113014 576x1024 - Investments for 2017 Screenshot 20180101 113021 576x1024 - Investments for 2017

LISA + SIPP via Hargreaves Lansdown

lisa 2017 - Investments for 2017

sipp 2017 - Investments for 2017allocation 2017 - Investments for 2017invest 2017 - Investments for 2017

I haven’t been adding anything to my LISA or SIPP for a while now. I aim while at uni to invest £100 at a time once I have saved it (not very often). My moneybox ISA gets saved every week as it’s a ‘save the change’ type account. My plan is to have 2 funds in each the SIPP & LISA along with shares.

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