I can’t be a healthy eating blog.

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You’ll find most healthy eating or lifestyle bloggers eating low fat this low fat that. Sharing pictures of their acai or smoothy bowls and saying vegan is the way to go. I’m most definitely not one of them.

I don’t eat much fruit, for one it’s expensive and I’m not much of a fan of most of it.

I am looking to be more healthy but for me, some people are only joining the latest ‘trend’ and have no clue about food. I don’t pretend to know anything either, I just know what I like, don’t like and don’t want to be thinking ‘oh let me check the ingredients before eating that’.

I’m not a batch cook person, I’ll make my dinners on the night, I think I’m too lazy for this to be honest.

Trendy things I don’t like:

  • acai bowls
  • smoothies/smoothie bowls
  • juices
  • nuts
  • seeds
  • yoghurts
  • fruit – all cooked & tinned, most fresh fruit
  • almond milk
  • soya milk
  • protein powders
  • granola – can’t stand raisins or sultanas
  • protein bars – most

Things I do like:

  • veggies/salads – a select few
  • fish
  • meats
  • dairy
  • ready meals – shock!
  • fruit – apples (only granny smiths), lemons, lime, berries & cherries, bananas
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guacamole + toast + 2 eggs
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Spinach + bean salad + mushroom + orange pepper
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Spinach + mexican beans + teriyaki mackeral

So I am trying to be healthy. I don’t do dressings on the side or only eat half a chicken breast. I try and make my meals high protein. Oh and I usually don’t have breakfast, I start to eat anytime after 10am, it isn’t the most important meal of the day.

I am aiming to make a sensible choice as all meals but if I want dairy or red meat I’ll have it.

Working day

10am – boiled egg + cereal bar
14pm – salad + chicken or fish + lots of dressing
22pm – ready meal

Uni day

7am – protein bar
12pm – salad + chicken or fish + cheese
18pm – dinner + lots of veg

Day off

10am – egg + spinach + mushroom
13pm – salad + veg or cheese on toast
18pm – dinner + lots of veg or ready meal if OH is working late

I have days where I go over my calories, days where I don’t get much protein in. I track my calories & macos with MFP and think it is a great tool get people starting to understand the food they eat.

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Things aren’t going to plan

sadness 3434515 1920 1024x683 - Things aren't going to plan

My anxiety has been a cloud all around me these past few weeks. I’m able to get out of the house but if it’s something I don’t want to do, like going to work, I want to hide from the world.
I need to know exactly what is going on & what is going to happen. If it’s something new to me, I want to freak out and I don’t know what to do.

I’ve cancelled a ‘few’ shifts with one job this year and now I’m only able to book 24hrs ahead. I went into Brighton last Saturday ready to throw myself into a shift on a ward I’d never worked at before but before I’d even gotten off the bus I had decided not to go. Strangely I wasn’t freaking out about doing the shift or the fact that I had just blown it off. I decided to cancel my next 2 shifts due to a cold/flu basically spending all my time in bed over the weekend.
It was on Monday when I was enquiring about shifts for this Friday that I got an email with an attached letter, dated 6th January, stating that I had had all my shifts cancelled and I was only to book 24hrs before! If I had actually gone in for that Saturday shift I would have been turned away anyway.

Since then I have booked a shift for tonight and waiting on confirmation of a shift for tomorrow night. I have also been approved and started at the agency I recently joined. I have a shift Saturday night and then earlies all next week. The pay isn’t as good as the hospital for nights & weekends but it is for days and it’s more local. I am going to give this a try if I don’t like the care home I just won’t go back.

I am still waiting on a date to go for my induction at the private hospital. They asked for my availability in Feb, so I gave them that and also said I’m free the rest of January. Haven’t heard back just yet.

To top things off, I have gone into my OD which I can’t afford to get out of. My food order was meant to be paid on PayPal credit (yes I know bad me) but in fact, it came out of my bank account and I have no money other than like £12 cash for the rest of the month. Thankfully My jobs are weekly paid so I’ll have money next Friday & I get my student loan start of Feb.

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Year 3 timetable

Year 3 timetable 1024x1024 - Year 3 timetable

So we have had our timetable published for a few weeks now and I forgot to blog about it.

There was no announcement about it, I just happen to continuously check on all things uni (placement post coming soon) and I think I stumbled onto it at the same time as the uni for publishing/working on it. At first, I saw weeks of 4 or 5 days in uni, not something I’d like, what with needing to also work. Thankfully, it turns out there is 1 wk of 5 days & even then I don’t have to go to 2 of them. In total, I have only 9 weeks at uni from Feb to July and then that’s me finished for university for good. I do have 18 weeks of placement after that though.

Strangely, no-one has mentioned anything about the timetable in the main group chat. I have now stopped notifications but no-one has posted since 3rd or 5th December. Usually, as soon as something pops up from uni, someone is asking about it. In my little group chat, no one has mentioned it there either, but they have been talking about an email we got about placements that didn’t make sense.

No-one appears to have noticed that placements have already been allocated either. I’ve mentioned it to one person but they haven’t gotten back to me yet. I think they are on holiday til uni starts.

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Fitlab Worthing

download - Fitlab Worthing
Screenshot 2020 01 09 at 11.31.51 - Fitlab Worthing

Evolve Lab – Strength

Screenshot 2020 01 09 at 11.35.26 - Fitlab Worthing


Screenshot 2020 01 09 at 11.36.10 - Fitlab Worthing

Evolve Lab – HIIT

Screenshot 2020 01 09 at 11.36.30 - Fitlab Worthing

The first part of “Health 2020” is to join a new studio in Worthing. The cost is currently 50% off @ £49.50 for unlimited classes plus open sessions. They also have a fight club but I’ll be leaving that for others to enjoy.

I plan on doing a review of my experience in future months.

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2020 is THE year

finance fitness

I’m making 2020 the year of change, the year that I have to sort my self out both in health & in wealth.


I have plans to start paying down my debt, slowly at first but throwing what I can at it when I can. I have set up a separate YNAB budget just for debts as well as it’s own bank account.

I am also setting targets for things I want to achieve throughout the year.

Lewis (bonfire night) £100 / £10 pcm
Christmas £200 / £10 pcm – to be added to as & when
Offers £300 / £15 pcm – to be added to as & when
Savings £no target / £10 pcm – to be added to as & when
Daytona flights £1010
Daytona hotel £2000
NASCAR tickets £1500

The Daytona holiday isn’t til Feb 2021 so have time to save up.


As of 5th January, I am 166.4 lbs

20200103 083413 768x1024 - 2020 is THE year
20200103 083430 768x1024 - 2020 is THE year
20200103 083444 768x1024 - 2020 is THE year
20200103 083500 768x1024 - 2020 is THE year

My measurements are:

Neck 14.5ins | Wrist 6.5ins | Wasit 39ins | Hips 45.5ins | Calf 17.5ins | Thigh 26.5in | Chest (O) 45in | Chest (U) 38in |Stomach 45in

As you can see I have a ways to go. I have plans to join a crossfit box in February, it’s £75 a month but cheaper than other boxes and it for 3 classes a week rather than the usual 2.

What are other peoples plans for 2020?

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The struggle goes on


It would appear that I don’t have enough money to cover all bills for January!!!

Between now & 1st Janaury I have the following things going on:

  • Xmas drinks
  • Boxing day drinks
  • OH’s birthday
  • New Years event

I have £60 in the bank and £38 in Paypal. I think I still need a little food but have just had a food delivery so that will be dinners for the next few weeks thank goodness.

I get OH’s bills share on 29th, as the 29th is a Sunday I no doubt will get it on 30th not 27th like I want.

So onto bills.

30/12 – £650 into bank
30/12 – £47 mobile + £55 cable (1/2 of bill)
30/12 – £548 left in bank

02/01 – £16 gym + £34.99 gym
02/01 – £13.20 TV Licence
02/01 – £483.81 left in bank

03/01 – £1 + £5.93 debt payments
03/01 – £25 Vanquis
03/01 – £30 other credit cards (not even min payments)
03/01 – 421.88 left in bank

07/01 – £5.99 Netflix
07/01 – £415.89 left in bank

10/01 – £306.99 into bank
10/01 – £722.88 total in bank

11/01 – £700 rent (£50 still owed)
11/01 – £22.88 in bank

17/01 – £246.77 into bank
17/01 – £50 rent
17/01 – £50 cable
17/01 – £169.65 left in bank (spends)

Yeah, it’s going to be a struggle, I haven’t even mentioned the electric or water or if I have to pay a bigger first payment to cable. The £169 most probably won’t be there on the 17th. I’m avoiding paying my credit cards as I just can’t afford to. I will make up for it come February.

I can’t get a loan unless I want to use a guarantor (not likely) & my parents are on a cruise til mid-January I think, so there isn’t much I can do really,

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