September budget

admin / September 1, 2018

I got a very decent income going into September, partly due to a small back pay from the not so good NHS deal and partly due to one & a bit months pay from my new job. I have £388.86 left over and plan to pay of more off my debts with it. I could pay off one of two…

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life, uni

My 1st day at placement # 3

admin / August 28, 2018

I got up at 4:30 am to get the train at 5:24! I had to be at placement for 7 am and arrived at 6:30 am My latest placement is at the private hospital Nuffield Health. It’s the first time I’ve done anything private, I’ve always been NHS. There were 2 nurses + 2 hca’s in the morning and 2…

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Why I’m not a typical blogger

admin / August 27, 2018

I don’t confess to being any good at blogging, in fact I’d say I’m terrible at blogging. Below are my reasons why I’m not your typical blogger I’m extremely lazyBoth in writing content and commenting on blogs, joining blogger chats etc I don’t much care for flat-laysI find them boring actually, not always, but I do think they are over…

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finance, life

When a bank job isn’t a bank job

admin / August 22, 2018

Yesterday I had an interview for the local eye centre. I’m not looking for a new part-time job and don’t really need a 2nd job right now (other than increased debt payments) but I wanted a bank position where I could work as and when I liked and was local. I applied for the job on the 31st May with…

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[finance] Debt + savings August ’18 edition

admin / August 21, 2018

Below is my August debt payments as well as my savings. I’m not actually adding anything to my savings just yet as I’m trying (not being successful at) throwing everything at my debts. Debt Savings I aim to have 100 units in a stock and then I’ll move onto the next. I have looked at my stock for a few…

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[finance] Debt update August 2018

admin / August 19, 2018

So how are things going with my debt pay down. No that well to be honest. I have 6 credit cards that I am currently paying the minimum on or at least trying to and plenty of others that I’m paying nothing to. Full details below. Capital One (a) Balance = £81.21 | Limit = £200 | Payment = £25Capital…

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