Weight loss update…

Screenshot 2018 03 11 09 54 15 1024x356 - Weight loss update...

Screenshot 2018 03 11 10 13 49 809x1024 - Weight loss update...

I am doing a different set up with these weight loss updates. I will be using my average weight for the week and my current stats from ‘monitor my weight’. My weight goes up & down the same 1-2 kgs. I appear to be sticking to around 80-81kg most days but my body fat has dropped and stayed in the 36 mark when it used to be stuck on 38!

I just really want to see my weight start with a 7!

This post is just a place to get up to date with previous weeks, so here we go….

Screenshot 2018 03 11 09 54 28 983x1024 - Weight loss update... Screenshot 2018 03 11 09 54 38 697x1024 - Weight loss update... Screenshot 2018 03 11 09 54 55 1024x518 - Weight loss update... Screenshot 2018 03 11 09 55 01 1024x796 - Weight loss update... Screenshot 2018 03 11 09 55 05 1024x787 - Weight loss update... Screenshot 2018 03 11 09 55 10 702x1024 - Weight loss update...

Finance: Difference in credit scores

images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSE6wdc7Cq9jYS77ACtYtOFUyNFQjbFzhVoDS5ESLhVZNt2nrei - Finance: Difference in credit scores

I have signed up to as many free credit reports as I can some produce a report from data taken from Callcredit, some from Experian and some from Equifax. None of my reports that use the same CRA give me the same score, they vary a little. This could be due to the time of month that they produce the report, I can’t think of any other reason. A credit score really has no meaning but I like to see an improvement in my report.

Moneysavingexpert club uses Experian current score 98/999 Last updated 22 Dec 2017
Total Money uses Callcredit current score 468/710 Last updated Jan 2018
Noddle uses Callcredit current score 452/710 Last updated 27 Dec 2017
Clearscore uses Equifax current score 264/700 Last updated 15 Dec 2017
Barclaycard uses (only gives a score) uses Experian current score 136/999 Last updated 17 Dec 2017
GiffGaff uses Callcredit, current score unknown as just sign up.
Experian Card Matcher current score 87/999 Last updated Jan 2018

I am going to try and keep up to date on my credit score and do a post once a month.


Investments for 2017

Here is a round up of my investments for 2017. I did have more than this but I switched from a ISA to a LISA then needed to use the money 🙁

Investment ISA via Moneybox

Screenshot 20180101 113014 576x1024 - Investments for 2017 Screenshot 20180101 113021 576x1024 - Investments for 2017

LISA + SIPP via Hargreaves Lansdown

lisa 2017 - Investments for 2017

sipp 2017 - Investments for 2017allocation 2017 - Investments for 2017invest 2017 - Investments for 2017

I haven’t been adding anything to my LISA or SIPP for a while now. I aim while at uni to invest £100 at a time once I have saved it (not very often). My moneybox ISA gets saved every week as it’s a ‘save the change’ type account. My plan is to have 2 funds in each the SIPP & LISA along with shares.