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So yesterday I went to the gym. I wasn’t going to go on the treadmill but only managed to do 3 mins on the cross-trainer due to the guy next to me was clearing his throat every few seconds and I CAN’T stand that, so I ended up walking just over 3k on the treadmill.
Not going to the gym today but will go on the bike at home.


We both went to bed at 8pm last night, I had fallen asleep on the sofa lol. Keith ended up getting up for a few hours around 11pm and I just couldn’t sleep past 2am so ended up watching the news on the sofa. Out to the pub tonight for New Years so will prob have a nap at some point.


Calories –


Eaten: 1756 | Burned: 2451 | Deficit: -695/3500

Keith’s birthday

So like I said we went to a lovely pub in Bromley North Village yesterday afternoon.

We then went to Miso for Lunch 🙂


I went to the gym again today, I managed 2.11k on the treadmill in 22mins (I did walk for some of that) then I did 5k on the bike. For some reason each time I’m walking home from the gym I always want a salad or sushi. Today Tesco didn’t have any sushi so I ended up with a salmon & potato salad which was really nice. I have however had a sandwich and some dark chocolate since I’ve been home and dinner is just now cooking.


I did a food order online with Asda today too


I will be logging food from tomorrow so I will include it in future posts.

Back to the gym

So my gym was closed Christmas day & Boxing day and the weather was bad yesterday so I didn’t go then either.
I did go this morning however.

Distance: 1.5k
Average pace: 9.48 km
Time: 14:44

I ended up with a headache at the end so only managed 1.3k on the bike.


Think I’m going overboard on the whole running/fitness stuff. My water bottle came yesterday and today my dumbbell bars and top came. I have still to wait for my H&M order and just today I ordered a sports bra and 2 tops from boobydoo.


It’s Keiths birthday today so I met him after work at a lovely pub in the north village, we had 2 ales and we are off later to day for a birthday meal


I have come to the conclusion  that I really am fat and NEED to do something about that. I know I am doing more at the gym each time I go, I just need to fix my food.


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So I went for my first run outside yesterday. I totally couldn’t do it lol

Run 1 – Distance: 0.22 km | Pace: 8.47 | Speed: 7.08 km/h
Run 2 – Distance: 0.21 km | Pace: 8.30 | Speed: 7.23 km/h
Walk 1 – Distance: 0.37 km | Pace: 14.30 | Speed: 4.2 km/h

I then did 1k on the bike.

I went to meet Keith at work so decided to go for a long walk, I love walking on Christmas day, and did the following:

Walk 2 – Distance: 4.41 km | Pace: 13.80 | Speed: 4.36 km/h

So I think I deserved the 3 drinks I had in the pub on the way home 😉 then the drinks at home. We opened our presents (not many), had cheese on toast, then I crashed on the sofa, alcohol makes me sleepy.

We had a big evening dinner – honey gammon joint, mash potato, roast potatoes, sprouts, cabbage, stuffing, yorkshire puddings, gravy. We didn’t manage to eat it all so we have left overs for today 🙂

There were actually 2 corner shops open too.

I did some online shopping in the morning:

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Loads of clothes from H&M and also 2 dumbbell bars, I’m also still waiting on my water bottle.

Calories & other stuff

So I haven’t stuck to my aim of adding my daily calorie burn and calories eaten. I’m not logging this week but below is my total for last week.

 16/12/2013 – 22/12/2013

calories eaten: 12283  | calories burned: 14195 | deficit: -1912

So not quite -3500 this week.


I didn’t go to the gym today, even if I planned too, I wouldn’t have gotten down the drive to the building. I did however go on my exercise bike at home for 19 mins and did 10k

new Tw rail img(1) - Calories & other stuff
drive in using the football entrance

new Tw rail img(2) - Calories & other stuff
the main car park

new Tw rail img - Calories & other stuff
the main drive, a horses field is on the right of the fence
1521598 10151892552872638 696570149 n - Calories & other stuff
the rain got into the cafe

BcPT5ODIMAAB238 - Calories & other stuff
why the hell are the horses still in the field!


So I ordered a water bottle online yesterday and it is meant to be delivered today before 5pm so that is within the next hr. It is currently still being processed in Portsmouth which is over an hrs way from here. Doesn’t look like I’ll be getting it before Christmas then.