Christmas eve eve

So I’ve just returned from the pub where I had a few ciders and now dinner is cooking.


Christmas eve is tomorrow, up until a few years a go I’ve never heard of christmas eve eve and now I just think it is stupid, it has no meaning at all.

There wasn’t many people around the shops this morning when I was on my way home from the gym. It did pick up during the day though.

The weather is horrible here at the moment, not too much rain but it is extremely windy. I keep thinking my windows are going to blow out.


I was not feeling the gym this morning. I went on the treadmill for 10 mins but that is all I could do. I ended up on the bike for 20 mins. It was quite busy too.


the move…

So the move to Worthing is getting closer! My mum has agreed that the money she has for our new car can be used for the move instead.
Now how do you apply for jobs when you haven’t actually started your current one? They aren’t going to be happen when they are being asked for references and any potential employer will think it strange that I am looking to move on so soon, but hey it’s not at a commutable distance so I’ll just make something up about needing to more.


This morning I planned to check out a potential running route, I’d actually walked this route before in various stages. I got up at 7:15am once Keith had left for work, got reading then realised it was raining hard so I went to my usual place, the sofa. I didn’t have to wait long and I was out the door.

Now it never dawned on me that I would be waling along a muddy trail and through the woods so of course I was surrounded by wait sticky mud everywhere, I slipped a few times and had to take a small detour due to a tree which has blown over. Overall it was fun and I think in the summer/warmer months it would be a nice route to run.

I haven’t quite got the nerve up yet to start running outside. I could see myself doing it in the early hours though. I’d much prefer a park but we don’t really have them, well not ones where I don’t need to run in loads of circles to get a good distance in.
I don’t know running on the streets in England is so much better than in the USA. I can’t wait to move to Worthing as I’ll have loads of places to run including along the sea front and in the south downs.


I’m looking at joining a Wednesday evening running group, so check back for updates on this

I’m still unsure about my degree, I’m really getting into all this fitness stuff so like the idea of sports & exercise but then my career at present is in care so a health and social care based degree would be too.


I’m in awe of runners who are like an easy run is 5 miles, I can barely make


So yesterday I went to the gym again around 8am, I think that is now my fav time to be there, it really isn’t that busy. I went right to the treadmill and ran for 3K, only a short amount of that was walking, I was running at 7.5kph and I think the faster I go the better I am. I used to run at 5 – 5.5kph but couldn’t run for long. Yesterday I ran till I couldn’t breath anymore. I’m really liking it and feel I’m getting into this running stuff.

Also my gym is surrounded with fields full of horses.

71109 300 - Recap71325 300 - Recap
With all the rain we must have had over night one of the field had turned into a lake.
71675 300 - Recap

I went shopping this morning for xmas food and ended up spending £74. I had to haul 4 big backs onto the bus and not we actually have no room left in the fridge or freezer for anymore food.

71787 300 - Recap

It’s quite windy round here at the moment, on the way to Tesco I thought I’d get blown over but it’s not so strong to blow over trees here thank god.
Our flat doesn’t have double glazing in the front due to it being a conservation building but we do have in front of the windows sliding shutter thingies which do help, some of the windows however don’t shut completely as we keep them slightly open to avoid mold.



Eaten: 1326 | Burned: 1808 | Deficit: -482


Eaten: 2570 | Burned: 2177 | Deficit: 393


Eaten: 1544 | Burned: 1945 | Deficit: -401

Mid week

So I made it to the gym this morning. Like an idiot I forgot my fitbit so had to guestimate my activities to add to it. I walk to the gym & back each time I go so that’s 2.8 miles in total which is good.

I actually did my core exercises (except the crunches) and my strength training (except the assisted pull up) then did 10-15mins running & walking on the treadmill. I had a slight pain in my right shin so didn’t push it too much.

Tomorrow I’m aiming to go to a 7:30am pilates class for the first time. I don’t really know what to expect.


While I was out on the walk yesterday, there were school groups everywhere going to or from the panto. Now I hate kids at the best of times but show me a group of loud kids and I’d like to kill someone. Yesterday as we were rounding the corner from the theatre we were surrounded by a group and I just shouted “you’re fucking too loud” they were so loud I don’t think any of them heard me even the teachers as I got no reaction from them. Keith did start laughing though 🙂

You know the old saying “children should be seen and not heard”? well I say “children shouldn’t be seen or heard”. Sorry I can cope with my sisters kids even when they are nightmares and my friends kids, but OMG I hate kids out in public especially those with parents who can’t or won’t try to control them. I’d be embarrassed if my kid was screaming in a shop.


Now what I do love are PUGS! Next year we are going to be getting one as soon as we move and we can’t wait.

Black Pug Puppy - Mid week


I ate well yesterday and kept it up today. I have a thing for sushi. You don’t get much for your money but I just love it.


Eaten: 1590 | Burned: 1950 | Deficit: -360

merry xmas ya’ll

67771 300 - merry xmas ya'll
Ok so 1. its not xmas just yet and 2. I’m not American so shouldn’t really be saying ya’ll.

I’m not religious at all (okay maybe bordering on Pagan). I did grow up going to an evangelical church till around the time I started secondary school and went to beach missions in the summer but it never was my thing, my mum grew up in a baptist church where my gran was the women fellowship treasurer till she was 85. It was never pushed on me and my dad never went to church.

Anyways back to xmas. I don’t really see it as any other day, well me & Keith see it as an excuse to drink without felling guilty. We have a little tree up to keep out presents under (mainly from my parents) but that is all.

70182 300 - merry xmas ya'll

Xmaz isn’t a religious holiday anymore and besides it was a stolen pagan holiday anyways.

67967 300 - merry xmas ya'll

So I haven’t managed to get to the gym today. I hate going in the evenings and I really don’t do the afternoons either. We didn’t go for a carvery though so that was a good thing, we did go for the walk around the very hilly park and through the shops to do some food shopping. Still need food for xmas week.

Look who we say today:

70544 300 - merry xmas ya'll70752 300 - merry xmas ya'll
68166 100 - merry xmas ya'll

So I’ve been bad and done some online clothes shopping. I have like no money until payday (I have no clue when that is) but I have some credit for a store so used some of it to buy the following:

e01sz30650whuge - merry xmas ya'llf02wy045001shuge - merry xmas ya'll
68566 100 - merry xmas ya'll

Work, work, work. We I have a new job starting on 6th Jan 2014. It should be interesting, it will be hard work but I’ll learn nice new things before I eventually move to Worthing at some point next year. My current/past job I just hated, I was meant to be starting a different new job but the NHS trust was just completely crap with everything but thankfully I got a different one instead. I had been trying since I got back from my holiday in October to find out how much annual leave and bank holidays I’d have left up to the end of November (our holidays go April to March), I heard nothing from my ward manager then one Sunday she was working (2 weeks later) and I joked she hadn’t worked it out yet and she said she was going to do it that day, that day finished and nothing. A while later I again joked about it as she had just done it for someone else there on the spot!. She knew I was looking to use it all up before I left.

I eventually, come mid November, told her a date I was looking at leaving on and she said she needed it in writing so I emailed it her and included again the fact that I would be using up my annual leave/bank holidays between the then date & my leaving date. I got no reply (turns out no one does). I started working it out for my self but couldn’t do anything till the next & my last rota was out. It so happens that she was on annual leave at this point. Anyways I looked at the rota, worked out which days I’d need to work and asked a senior nurse about time off, but I had to inform her instead so I did as well as the matron. I heard nothing, I actually needed that very week off (the end of it) as I had a funeral to go to. I took it off anyways!

I then decided that I wasn’t going to be returning so I emailed her another leaving date but I heard nothing. So at this point I don’t know which leaving date she accepted and if I’m actually going to get paid in December!

I do happen to also work as an agency HCA but it is oh so easy to just cancel shifts 🙁 I am currently awaiting a termination letter from my I suppose old job, I expected it to arrive last week as she sent me a text asking for my address but nothing yet, maybe she is waiting for HR.


I will be from now on including my calories eaten and my calories burned from the previous day on each post manly to keep myself accountable.


Eaten: 1579 | Burned: 2166 | Deficit: -587


So today was my follow up health MOT at my gym, I haven’t done well. My weight since my first MOT has been up & down and today it was up! Overall my health mentor was pleased with my progress, I was not. Now each Monday I will be getting an email from him to give me encouragement, I think this will help, I feel that I’m too lazy when I try to go alone.
After my MOT I did a little exercise – 10 mins on the treadmill running at 4mph, 10 mins on the cross-trainer, squats, hip thrusts.
I need to really push myself, I need motivation (ok I have motivation but I’m just lazy), I need to do more group classes, I need to get up at the same time on my days off (7am) and get my but into gear.

I will also be looking at pinterest workout routines to do at home.

69789 300 - Life70006 300 - Life

So I am reading through this lovely ladies blog and I am only at Feb 2011!! I can’t stop reading blogs from the beginning, I am so getting behind with uni coz of this lol

Tomorrow I am aiming to do a group class at the gym, then maybe some strength training. Though Keith is off tomorrow and is thinking of us going out for breakfast. Should I do a total abs or step class?

Oh I think I’m getting hooked on running. I don’t know why I just am, I’m still not with the whole running on the streets/park with loads of people around though.