My continued weight loss

Screenshot 2019 05 12 at 13.32.39 - My continued weight loss
My dates don’t all correspond to a Monday and I don’t always way in each week. Up to the beginning of May 2019 I have lost 4.6lbs, not a lot but it is going in the right direction.
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Holiday experiment update…


HOLIDAYWEIGHT 764x1024 - Holiday experiment update...

I have now been back 13 days and have only now gotten the time to write this post

Days 1-6

first6days 1024x1024 - Holiday experiment update...

So I was either way over or way under on these days. Day 1 I was traveling west so gain extra hours. All but one of these days my calorie goal was over 2000. We did lots of walking but also lots of drinking 😉

Calorie goal 14929 | Calories consumed -46 (14975)  | TDEE -1364 (16334)

Days 7-12

next6days 1024x1024 - Holiday experiment update...

These 6 days I was under my calorie goal for most of the time!

Calorie goal 18326 | Calories consumed -4048 (14276)  | TDEE -5471 (19747)

Days 13-15

last3days 1024x512 - Holiday experiment update...

The last three days of an amazing holiday. The last day was traveling east therefore losing hours, surprised I managed to stay under budget.

Calorie goal 7020 | Calories consumed -265 (6971)  | TDEE -768 (7739)

I ate crap all holiday, the only veg I had was in my burgers. I started the holiday at 179.7lbs, I ended the holiday at 179.8lbs. No real gain or loss. Going on this, I think I was off on my logging as going by the figures I should have lost 2lbs. I’m happy that I didn’t really gain anything though.

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Calories while on holiday


853519b2ccbd0a29f2c5d9b6b44255fa.1 - Calories while on holiday

I travel to the airport tomorrow (Tuesday) and fly out to Charlotte NC on Wednesday. While on holiday I aim to count my calories everyday and produce a post once home comparing calories in & calories out as well as my weight. Hopefully I won’t but on too much weight over the 13 days, I will be guessing a lot of my calories as I’ll be eating out for most meals and not trying to eat ‘healthy’.

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A plan of action, from this day on…


IMG 0081 2 - A plan of action, from this day on...


I am starting to come to the realisation that I am in the 180’s rather than the 150’s. Using my scale in the living room I weight 186lb from 189lb a few days ago, however using the scale in the bedroom has me bouncing around 155lbs for ages. The boditrack machine at the gym had me at 192 this morning 🙁 I am going to monitor all 3 and have started getting comfortable with the fact that I weigh more than I thought I did. I sometimes think I am gaining more fat each and every day. My arms are starting to look like chubby baby arms etc.

With this in mind I NEED to make changes.

  1. No snacking at work
  2. Burn 2500-3000 calories on work days
  3. Burn 2000-2500 calories on exercise/none work days
  4. Burn 1600-1800 calories on sedentary days
  5. Bike 5k 3 times a week on the home exercise bike
  6. Really work on my running
  7. Be sensible with my food choices

That should be a good start.


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Calories in calories out


calories in calories out - Calories in calories out

Burn more than you eat and you lose weight – science – simple as that!

cico - Calories in calories out

As you can see from my data above I went over my TDEE (CI) twice this week. If I calculate my CICO for the whole week I am below my weekly TDEE so all is good. Thursday (today) I did very little in the way of exercise so my CO is very low, at this present time I have only burnt 1700 calories but I  have eaten 1944 calories. On Wednesday I had a footlong sandwich from subway + 600 calorie dinner + 2x root beers + donut and managed to remain under my TDEE for the day.

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What’s going on + what happened


6 June – 12 June

Monday = 12.5hr shift CHECK
Tuesday = 12.5hr shift CHECK
Wednesday = 1 mile treadmill run SORT OF CHECK | Bodypump class | gym session CHECK HERE | 1.5 mile treadmill run
Thursday = 1 mile treadmill run | Insanity class | 6hr afternoon shift CHECK
Friday = 1 mile treadmill run | Bodypump class | 6hr afternoon shift CHECK
Saturday = 12.5hr shift CHECK
Sunday = 12.5hr shift CHECK

I ended up not doing much from this list in the end.

Fitbit data

Total calories burnt = 20235
Average daily calories burnt = 2890
Total calories consumed = 14251
Average daily calories consumed = 2035
CICO = 855 daily deficit
Weight last week = 153.8lb (6/6)
Weight this week = 155.6lb (13/06)
Weight change = 1.8lb ⇑

I feel that my food was pretty good this past week. I have it down to the following:

  • weight loss isn’t linear
  • movement of scale (I went up to 177lbs at one point!)
  • water retention
  • possibly not being 100% accurate with logging

I bought new batteries for my food scale today so will be weighing EVERYTHING from this week on.

This weeks activities 13-19 June

Monday = rest day
Tuesday = 6hr morning shift
Wednesday = 1 mile treadmill run | gym class | gym session | 1.5 mile treadmill run
Thursday = 12.5hr shift
Friday = 1 mile treadmill run | Bodypump class | parents arriving!!!!!
Saturday = Tennis session am
Sunday = who knows

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