My finances laid bare

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What can I say about my finances, other than they can only improve from this point forward.

I have a few different strategies for certain debts: statute-barred; repayment; DMP.

I used to be in a Debt Management Plan and I even had a DRO at one point but I never learned my lesson so it seems. Those that I’m not paying off I am going down the statute bared route & hoping that I make it through 6 years (1.4 years down). I am having issues with one account and I’m currently fighting a CCJ in court.

I wanted to make a post detailing my plans and making me accountable. I intend to update once a month on how everything is going.


Creditors have to take legal action about debts within certain times which are set out in the Limitations Act 1980. For most sorts of debts and bills in England and Wales this time is six years.

If the creditor doesn’t start court action within this time, the debt is not enforceable because it is “statute-barred”. When a debt is statute-barred it still exists legally, but because you cannot be taken to court for it, you do not have to make any payments to it.

This six-year period begins when the creditor has a cause of action – this is the point at which the creditor could go to court for the debt.

If you are making the normal monthly payments to a debt, you can’t be taken to court for it. It is only when you have missed payments and the creditor can go to court that the 6-year period starts.

I am going this route for most of my closed & defaulted accounts. So far only one has taken me to court where I’m fighting a CCJ, the others either aren’t contacting me or are sending idol threats via text. I am counting down the months til I can say bye-bye to them.
If any of these come back and start threatening court, I will drag it out as far as I can then try to set up a DMP with them then look to offer full & final settlements down the line. I am going to do this alone and not through a fee-free company so I have full control over everything and can offer more money to one if I have some left over at the end of the month

  • David Lloyd [gym] £580 – no longer on credit file – heard nothing [poss SB]
  • Trugym [gym] £86 – no longer on credit file – heard nothing [poss SB]
  • Lending Stream [PD] £86 – no longer on credit file – heard nothing [poss SB]
  • QuickQuid [PDL] £539 – taking me to court
  • Natwest [Loan] £4888 – Default on file – treats by text [1.4/6 SB]
  • Natwest [OD] £766 – Default on file [1.4/6 SB]
  • Very £766 – Default on file – treats by text/letter [0.11/6 SB]
  • JD Williams £1241- Default on file – unenforceable [1/6 SB]
  • Cash Plus [card] £280 – Default on file [1.4/6 SB]


A debt management plan (DMP) is a debt solution that can be used to help people pay back their debts at an affordable rate. It’s normally suitable for someone struggling to meet the repayment amount they originally agreed with their creditors.

I have no debts under this arrangement as yet but I do have all documentation ready to sent if/when needed.


I have 4 debts that I am doing to this with after they default. All to be repaid ASAP

  • Marbles 741 – £50 a month – 15 months
  • Aqua 285 – £25 a month – 12 months
  • Uncle Buck 632.72 – £25 a month – 25 months
  • SafetyNet Credit 1250 – £50 a month – 25 months

One day I may actually learn my lesson. Today is the day…I would like to possibly get a mortgage by the time I’m 45 (2026) and need all defaults off my file by then.

The only way is UP

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Student finance update


student finance england logo - Student finance update

So the letter I received from student finance wasn’t anything to worry about after all. I managed to log on on Monday and found that my application had been completed and I have been given the full amount of £9690!!! That is more than I thought it would be and will mean I can do one-two less bank shifts a month!

The issue is that they can’t confirm my course as Southampton. I am going to wait till I hear from Portsmouth before I do anything. I will then either change my chosen uni with student finance or ask Southampton to confirmed the course with them.

I am starting to think that a Feb start date maybe a good thing. I could potentially pay off all debt in my name apart from my loan. If that is the case I will be able to through extra money on it and try and finish is during my training. That will be hard going as I also want to be able to save a little also.

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weight, fitness, debt and more…


As you can see I am terrible lately of updating this blog.


I put on a few lbs 🙁 At one point I was up to 150 but today I am 147.


I joined the local David Lloyd Health Club, I was just not going to the leisure centre and like the fact that I now have a gym, fitness classes, pool and tennis! It’s more expensive but so worth it. I have decided  that any weekday that I am not working I am going to use the morning as exercise time so say 9am -1pm. I’ll do a gym session and pool or class and pool or tennis etc and really make the most of it. I’d like to burn 3000 calories total on exercise and work days, 2000 calories on a weekend.


I have given up on the penny a day challenge, it just wont be possible to make payments towards the end of the year plus I now need what I have saved for the David Lloyd initial joining expense.

I have opened a current account with TSB which I will put ‘on budget’ on YNAB and have my wages from my 2nd job go into. This will be classes as income for the month. Anything no budgeted for will be placed in a misc category and anything left with be transferred to either debt or savings at the end of the month.

Nurse training

I now have a confirmed date & time for my 2nd nursing interview – 19th April @ 12:30pm. They gave me an indication of what will be discussed saying it will be a 40-50 min interview! I also need to take everything needed to complete my DBS.

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