My continued weight loss

Screenshot 2019 05 12 at 13.32.39 - My continued weight loss
My dates don’t all correspond to a Monday and I don’t always way in each week. Up to the beginning of May 2019 I have lost 4.6lbs, not a lot but it is going in the right direction.
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A totally honest post on weight


I am ashamed even embarrassed to even think I ever thought I had lost so much weight since 2013. In fact the most I’ve lost is probably nearer 20lbs not 60lbs. Today my weight stands at 187.4lbs only 15.6lbs from my highest weight of 203lbs! 

I went down to an almost size 14 (uk), I could fit in some but not others, and am now back to a size 18 (uk) in some clothes! I dream to be a size 8-10 (uk), to be 105-1 20lbs but I just can’t see that happening.

I need to sort out my eating habbits, get back to the gym and running, I need to look after myself, to have confidence and care.

My gym opening has now been pushed back to January so I really need to cut the calories and run more NOW!

I have decided to try having breakfast most mornings. I used to skip it on work days, thinking I’d be hungry by 10am anyways so I’d have a meal then instead. Now I am only going to snack on my first work break and have a mackeral/chicken salad type dish for lunch, aiming for 1000 calories before 8pm, then 500 – 800 calories for dinner/drinks. That way I should be able to achieve a 500-1000 calorie deficit. On none work days, I shall budget up to 200 for drinks, 400 for breakfast, 400 for lunch and 700 for dinner, aiming for under 2000 calories for the day, so in need for some exercise.

Anyone else in need of a real push in the right direction?

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My new gym


gym 1024x379 - My new gym

I joined Anytime Fitness a few days ago. It hasn’t even been build yet, the building still looks like this:

gym now 1024x450 - My new gym

The unit doesn’t look very big to be honest. I hope they manage to stick to the plans, as I joined for location and the power racks.

They aren’t planning on opening til Dec 1st but that’s not a definite date. If I don’t like the gym when it’s open then I can cancel my membership during the cooling off period. I sure hope that this gym is for me. It’s opened 24/7 & as I feel that timing is the issue for me, I think I could find a time to suit. Early mornings probably, as I wouldn’t go in the evenings.

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2.64 miles walked


2.64 walk 1024x444 - 2.64 miles walked

You might wonder why I cut the top left hand corner on my walk/run. Well that is a parade of shops and I like to avoid as many people as I can. Saying that at 7-8am not many people are about. Don’t think the corner would make it 5k though, I shall have a think about that.

I cancelled my expensive gym membership. It was costing £80.50 a month which I couldn’t really afford and I haven’t been for weeks/months. I am still in a contract so only time will tell what happens, I  know that the gym doesn’t report to any credit reference agency but if it gets taken over by a DCA that will and I’ll end up with a default. Hopefully I can come to an arrangement with the gym to pay off my contract at a lesser amount each month.

I’m getting a mountain bike real soon, a friend of my OH’s has two that aren’t being used so we can have them for £20 each! Been sitting in the shed for 3 years and were new when they got them so they should be okay, for that price who cares.

My weight is staying stable at 177-180lbs, would like to see 177lbs when I next weigh (Sunday).

I joined a ‘step bet’ for $40. It is 6 weeks long and as long as I meet my target each week I’ll at lest get my money back. The stretch goals are quiet high though.

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The run that never was


So I had plans this morning to go out for another run, my body had other ideas when I awoke so I have stayed close to the bath room all morning.

I also planned to do lvl 1 day 1 of Shred and also 3B NerdFitness workout. I may still do these but at present I am being lazy on the sofa watch yesterdays Olympic replay.

I just don’t get what is going on with me at present. I sooo want to lose this weight and to get fitter but I just don’t seem to want to do anything about it WTF!

I have all these good intentions but then don’t follow through!

I can however see my stomach getting smaller, there is no longer any ‘overhang’ and it is getting close to disappearing. My trousers are getting too big so might try a smaller size when I next buy some. My arms on the over hand or still complete bingo wings 🙁

On the subject of fitness, I haven’t been to the gym in ages, I intend to continue going from time to time til my year is up next May, then after my holiday I am going to look at going to a better strength less health gym as well as starting at a tennis club. The cost of this gym is £35 and the tennis club is £28 a month, if I want classes its £5 each at the gym and £5-7 at the tennis club. I can however just pay for session at the tennis centre without a membership so might do that to start with.

I did consider a crossfit box but for unlimited access it is £100+ a month and you are still can’t just turn up and workout, each workout is a ‘class’. That’s why I left my other strength gym as it was too restrictive.

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