My finances laid bare

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What can I say about my finances, other than they can only improve from this point forward.

I have a few different strategies for certain debts: statute-barred; repayment; DMP.

I used to be in a Debt Management Plan and I even had a DRO at one point but I never learned my lesson so it seems. Those that I’m not paying off I am going down the statute bared route & hoping that I make it through 6 years (1.4 years down). I am having issues with one account and I’m currently fighting a CCJ in court.

I wanted to make a post detailing my plans and making me accountable. I intend to update once a month on how everything is going.


Creditors have to take legal action about debts within certain times which are set out in the Limitations Act 1980. For most sorts of debts and bills in England and Wales this time is six years.

If the creditor doesn’t start court action within this time, the debt is not enforceable because it is “statute-barred”. When a debt is statute-barred it still exists legally, but because you cannot be taken to court for it, you do not have to make any payments to it.

This six-year period begins when the creditor has a cause of action – this is the point at which the creditor could go to court for the debt.

If you are making the normal monthly payments to a debt, you can’t be taken to court for it. It is only when you have missed payments and the creditor can go to court that the 6-year period starts.

I am going this route for most of my closed & defaulted accounts. So far only one has taken me to court where I’m fighting a CCJ, the others either aren’t contacting me or are sending idol threats via text. I am counting down the months til I can say bye-bye to them.
If any of these come back and start threatening court, I will drag it out as far as I can then try to set up a DMP with them then look to offer full & final settlements down the line. I am going to do this alone and not through a fee-free company so I have full control over everything and can offer more money to one if I have some left over at the end of the month

  • David Lloyd [gym] £580 – no longer on credit file – heard nothing [poss SB]
  • Trugym [gym] £86 – no longer on credit file – heard nothing [poss SB]
  • Lending Stream [PD] £86 – no longer on credit file – heard nothing [poss SB]
  • QuickQuid [PDL] £539 – taking me to court
  • Natwest [Loan] £4888 – Default on file – treats by text [1.4/6 SB]
  • Natwest [OD] £766 – Default on file [1.4/6 SB]
  • Very £766 – Default on file – treats by text/letter [0.11/6 SB]
  • JD Williams £1241- Default on file – unenforceable [1/6 SB]
  • Cash Plus [card] £280 – Default on file [1.4/6 SB]


A debt management plan (DMP) is a debt solution that can be used to help people pay back their debts at an affordable rate. It’s normally suitable for someone struggling to meet the repayment amount they originally agreed with their creditors.

I have no debts under this arrangement as yet but I do have all documentation ready to sent if/when needed.


I have 4 debts that I am doing to this with after they default. All to be repaid ASAP

  • Marbles 741 – £50 a month – 15 months
  • Aqua 285 – £25 a month – 12 months
  • Uncle Buck 632.72 – £25 a month – 25 months
  • SafetyNet Credit 1250 – £50 a month – 25 months

One day I may actually learn my lesson. Today is the day…I would like to possibly get a mortgage by the time I’m 45 (2026) and need all defaults off my file by then.

The only way is UP

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Portsmouth Uni interview + applying for finance


cda41a58 ff61 4349 aa1f 9def65f1d68d - Portsmouth Uni interview + applying for finance

On 16th March I went to my final interview for nursing training. I actually fell in love with the uni & course at Portsmouth.

They have just restarted their nursing degrees and the first intake was this past January. They have a new building with amazing facilities and placements local to me!!!! They give you your books and even a laptop that you keep. They take around 117 students per intake and have 2 intakes a year: Jan & Sept.

The day started with filling in forms then a short presentation which really made me want to go there (local placements). We then had our maths & lit tests both on a laptop 😉 which I found easy but prob made a stupid mistake or 2 but you only need 50% I think. After this was the tour, which I haven’t had at any other uni. Everything it high tech, modern and under 1 roof. They are 1 or only 2 uni’s to have a interactive ‘cadaver’, which is a complete scan or 2 real people who gave their bodies to science. I’ll miss not having actual organs though 😉

The interview was the last part. It was me and 2 interviewees. It seemed to go well, we laughed, they said ‘great’ loads of times & nodded, and I actually asked questions at the end. I felt relaxes but still nervous. I didn’t say much about the area but think I pulled it back with answers to other questions.

What do you know about Portsmouth?
Why Portsmouth?
Why Portsmouth uni?
What is a skill & a value?
What skills do you have?
What values do you have?
What difficulties could you face when you first start the course?
Scenario 1
Scenario 2
Others I forgotten

We should know soon. They made their decisions on 17th March, which were sent to UCAS, but they are saying it could be a few weeks before we hear from UCAS 🙁 . I went to check online today but the system is in maintenance, hope that doesn’t delay us hearing the results. I’d be happen with either a September or February start date and I know that if I’m not successful I still have Southampton to fall back on.

On the topic of finance I just found a letter dated 24th Feb saying that they don’t recognise the course that I have applied for and I need to get the Uni to confirm it. Of course the site is down for maintenance also so I’ll check what I applied for tomorrow and if I need to then contact the uni. I’ll have to change it to Portsmouth if I get an offer anyways.

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