Making a better me

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A new gym opened up near me recently so I decided to join. It’s not my nearest gym but it is a near strength gym with little cardio equipment and loads of strength equipment, some I’ve not seen in any other gym.

So far it hasn’t been too busy so I’m managed to do the workout I’d planned each time. I’ve been 6 times this month already!

I have restarted Strong Life 5×5 and add other exercises afterwards – bar hands, hack squat, box jumps, battle ropes, Jacobs ladder, lying rows, various leg press machines and cable + barbell exercises. I’m still working on a set routine, at the moment I just go with how I feel.

I’m really excited about this and the gym has become my happy place.

Do you stop & start as much as me? Do you have a happy place?

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Getting back on it…


So I totally suck at this blogging thing. I have started to see where I want to be in the future and I’m looking forward to becoming a nurse in 2021.

I have started my second year of nurse training and I am currently on my first placement at the local A&E department which I am loving. Since starting I appear to have been losing a bit of weight. I don’t feel as hungry during placement as I normally do working on other words, that will waling loads has definitely help.

Since the start of the new year I have tried different things fitness wise. I have joined the new local 24hr gym but location is bad for me so I basically stopped going and realised that I didn’t actually need a 24/7 gym at all. I have since re-joined a more local and nicer gym and I’m trying to go 3 times a week. I also looked again at online personal coaching but the first attempt didn’t work for me, I got bored etc. I then joined a local trainer for her online plans and enjoy it but I think I need more structure.

I have since discovered a new small group training centre around the corner from me for a reasonable price and loads of class times (others I’ve found are over 2-3 days and 2 times a day). I’m looking at joining next month along with the other gym at weekends. I truly hope this works out I need to improve my fitness and lose weight.

Talking about weight, I intend to log me weight weekly on here and below is my weekly weight log since the beginning of the year.

weight 1 1 - Getting back on it...
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Life: Trying to balance everything

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hqdefault - Life: Trying to balance everything

Sometime it can be hard to balance everything going on in your life, I haven’t gotten it figured out just yet. How do you balance everything?

For me I have work + uni + fitness + lazyness


I have a 23 hour a week contract but only work 19 hours, the missing hours need to be caught up on at some point, 5 weeks equals 10 hours so 2 days. This can be difficult as I don’t work weekends or bank holidays. 

With a 1 hr plus commute and being on call on Thursdays I have very little time those evenings. I can sometimes get off work early on Fridays and maybe I’ll meet my partner for drinks in Brighton. 

I basically write off work days as just that work.


I go to uni Monday + Tuesday all day and Wednesday half days. Sometimes I finish early on Mondays & Tuesdays too. I start back at uni February 2019 and I’m there for 4 weeks before I start placements.


This can be any day of the week, but only 3 days unless I need to make up hours. 


This is the hardest one to fit in with the rest, that and I can be very lazy at times 😉 I fit in a gym session before uni and on days when I’m not at uni/placement/work etc 

So where does this leave me?

I haven’t figured this out yet. I need to write everything in a diary/calendar. I want to try and fit in 3 sessions a week unless I’m in a lazy mood. I can fit gym sessions in before uni but not before work and on my free days. Fitting in anything at other times can be tricky and fitting in Crossfit is another matter. Crossfit isn’t close enough to a train station or at convenient times for me to go before uni so I have resigned myself to go Wednesday evenings and weekends when at uni and weekends & any free day when at placement.

It;s going to be hard but I’m sure I can work things out and remember to listen to my body and take rest days.

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Stronglift 5×5 week 2 – day 1


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Today (Monday) was the start of week 2 on Stronglifts 5×5.


Current 37.5kg | Previous 35kg | Increase 2.5kg


Current 20kg | Previous 20kg | Increase 0kg


Current 45kg | Previous 40kg | Increase 5kg

I am having trouble with the OHD as previously mentioned so I think I will try it @ 15kg till I have mastered the form, 37.5kg for squat was a push also, I may stick to that weight for a week or so.

I had booked in for 2 classes today but I didn’t manage to get to either. The first I slept through and the second I got the time wrong. Not sure if I will like the classes or not but I’m going to give them a try, I do want to do the functional classes though.

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A totally honest post on weight


I am ashamed even embarrassed to even think I ever thought I had lost so much weight since 2013. In fact the most I’ve lost is probably nearer 20lbs not 60lbs. Today my weight stands at 187.4lbs only 15.6lbs from my highest weight of 203lbs! 

I went down to an almost size 14 (uk), I could fit in some but not others, and am now back to a size 18 (uk) in some clothes! I dream to be a size 8-10 (uk), to be 105-1 20lbs but I just can’t see that happening.

I need to sort out my eating habbits, get back to the gym and running, I need to look after myself, to have confidence and care.

My gym opening has now been pushed back to January so I really need to cut the calories and run more NOW!

I have decided to try having breakfast most mornings. I used to skip it on work days, thinking I’d be hungry by 10am anyways so I’d have a meal then instead. Now I am only going to snack on my first work break and have a mackeral/chicken salad type dish for lunch, aiming for 1000 calories before 8pm, then 500 – 800 calories for dinner/drinks. That way I should be able to achieve a 500-1000 calorie deficit. On none work days, I shall budget up to 200 for drinks, 400 for breakfast, 400 for lunch and 700 for dinner, aiming for under 2000 calories for the day, so in need for some exercise.

Anyone else in need of a real push in the right direction?

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