Getting back on it…


So I totally suck at this blogging thing. I have started to see where I want to be in the future and I’m looking forward to becoming a nurse in 2021.

I have started my second year of nurse training and I am currently on my first placement at the local A&E department which I am loving. Since starting I appear to have been losing a bit of weight. I don’t feel as hungry during placement as I normally do working on other words, that will waling loads has definitely help.

Since the start of the new year I have tried different things fitness wise. I have joined the new local 24hr gym but location is bad for me so I basically stopped going and realised that I didn’t actually need a 24/7 gym at all. I have since re-joined a more local and nicer gym and I’m trying to go 3 times a week. I also looked again at online personal coaching but the first attempt didn’t work for me, I got bored etc. I then joined a local trainer for her online plans and enjoy it but I think I need more structure.

I have since discovered a new small group training centre around the corner from me for a reasonable price and loads of class times (others I’ve found are over 2-3 days and 2 times a day). I’m looking at joining next month along with the other gym at weekends. I truly hope this works out I need to improve my fitness and lose weight.

Talking about weight, I intend to log me weight weekly on here and below is my weekly weight log since the beginning of the year.

weight 1 1 - Getting back on it...
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Life: Trying to balance everything

fitness life uni
hqdefault - Life: Trying to balance everything

Sometime it can be hard to balance everything going on in your life, I haven’t gotten it figured out just yet. How do you balance everything?

For me I have work + uni + fitness + lazyness


I have a 23 hour a week contract but only work 19 hours, the missing hours need to be caught up on at some point, 5 weeks equals 10 hours so 2 days. This can be difficult as I don’t work weekends or bank holidays. 

With a 1 hr plus commute and being on call on Thursdays I have very little time those evenings. I can sometimes get off work early on Fridays and maybe I’ll meet my partner for drinks in Brighton. 

I basically write off work days as just that work.


I go to uni Monday + Tuesday all day and Wednesday half days. Sometimes I finish early on Mondays & Tuesdays too. I start back at uni February 2019 and I’m there for 4 weeks before I start placements.


This can be any day of the week, but only 3 days unless I need to make up hours. 


This is the hardest one to fit in with the rest, that and I can be very lazy at times 😉 I fit in a gym session before uni and on days when I’m not at uni/placement/work etc 

So where does this leave me?

I haven’t figured this out yet. I need to write everything in a diary/calendar. I want to try and fit in 3 sessions a week unless I’m in a lazy mood. I can fit gym sessions in before uni but not before work and on my free days. Fitting in anything at other times can be tricky and fitting in Crossfit is another matter. Crossfit isn’t close enough to a train station or at convenient times for me to go before uni so I have resigned myself to go Wednesday evenings and weekends when at uni and weekends & any free day when at placement.

It;s going to be hard but I’m sure I can work things out and remember to listen to my body and take rest days.

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Fitness: Getting back at it…


So after declaring that I was giving up the gym for a while, I lasted only a few weeks and I rejoined!

When I started back at Anytime Fitness (local to home) and Pure Gym (local to uni). I had the idea that I’d need to different gyms due to my schedule but shortly came to realise that I was an idiot and only needed Anytime Fitness as it is 24/7 and I can go before uni duh!!

I got a log book and even an online personal trainer everything was going good but recently I’ve gone back to my old ways and started getting bored and not going. I still love AF for it’s 24/7-ness but I’m in need of something else. I have been doing a lot of searching online looking at group style workout programmes and there are a few, but they appear to be too restrictive. I am now seriously considering joining a crossfit box. 

download - Fitness: Getting back at it...

When looking for the ideal box, I wanted somewhere that was local (walk or one bus), had enough classes to fit around my schedule, had an open gym, and had more than just crossfit classes. MVMT42 fit all that and more., unfortunately it is also the most expensive at £105 a month! There are some as low as £75 a month but they generally don’t have many classes throughout the week or only have crossfit style ones. MVMT42 has both crossfit & barbell and is a crossfit afiliate. At first I liked the idea of going to a Reebok box but they only have one olympic lifting and one gymnastics class per week. Oh and they aren’t taken on any new members just yet. 

I haven’t signed up to MVMT42 just yet, I shall still be on the look out for crossfit gym till I do.

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Starting again: taking it slow


golds gym downtown la ca weight training - Starting again: taking it slow

For anyone who has been around for even a short time will know that I appear to like changing gyms every few month. I come over all ‘I love this place’, write a few post then nothing. Well I have now left my most recent gym.

Why do you ask

I am just not going. I have been ill throughout July then in August I didn’t want to go when I hadn’t been for ages. I like to go first thing in the morning but I just didn’t want to get up after a long day shift. I’ve also been working loads of night shifts so my days off have been just that; days off.

What I will be doing

Starting next week I will be making myself get up early at least 2 days a week to go for a walk/run. I will then in Feb 2018 be joining my uni gym and going 3 days a week before or after class. I find it hard because I don’t have someone to work out with 🙁

What keeps you motivated?
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Back to the gym…


20140314 224610 1024x768 - Back to the gym...

I was at the gym at 6am today. The above picture is pretty much what it was like at that hour, including the cleaner! I was the only one working out for the first 1/2 hr.

87983 - Back to the gym...

I spent pretty much all my time with the above equipment which was great. I was able to figure out how to arrange the fittings to suit me and the mirror really helped me with my form.

I did the following routine:

Bench press 5 x 20kg | 5 x 30kg | 5 x 30kg |  5 x 30kg |  5 x 30kg
Deadlift 5 x 30kg |  5 x 30kg | 5 x 32.5kg | 5 x 32.5kg | 5 x 32.5kg
Squat 5 x 20kg | 5 x 22.5kg | 5 x 22.5kg | 5 x 30kg | 5 x 30kg
0.5 mile run
Assisted pull up

I’ve actually increase my bench and deadlift since the last time I did them. I am ‘sort of’ doing Strong Lift 5×5, I’m just not doing bent over rows or increasing my weight each workout. I ‘think’ I’m not doing enough sets, I’m probably missing out/including my warm up sets in my 5 sets. I shall have a read up and see if there are any errors I’m making.

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Gym progress


15241412 374699102879730 4856293778781954944 n - Gym progress

So the gym is starting to look like a gym, it is very much a building site though.

15242010 374698952879745 677977994163930644 n - Gym progress

It has progressed since the above photo, the walls are actually walls etc. There are 360 degree ‘photos’ on their facebook site here & here.

15356478 376406989375608 2066813433353466185 n - Gym progress

Above is the studio

15390734 376406986042275 690325070055567881 n - Gym progress

Here you have: office; physio room; walk way; studio. To the right will be changing rooms (I think).

They also published a class timetable but I’m not sure how many, if any I’ll do. The classes flagged blue are virtual classes (most appear to be) and as I don’t like workout dvd’s I’m not sure how motivated I’d be for them. A shame the only body x class not virtual is bodypump, looks like I could potentially go to one classes a day each weekday. Shows that the trainers aren’t earning their money on teaching classes rather pushing for personal training sessions. I don’t want any of them other than the initial introduction to make sure my form is correct, show me the equipment etc I already have a workout in mind.

Can’t wait til 1st Feb when they finally open their door!


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