This time next month

This time next month 1024x1024 - This time next month

Since I last posted about starting to apply for NQN posts, I have been talking to a few people at different trusts and heard back from applications.

29th Feb 2020

WSHT my local trust as a recruitment day at both Worthing & St Richards (Chichester). I have been in contact with someone at St Richards about theatre positions which I am interested in. I didn’t realise that the day would be at both sites so I am trying to find out what positions are available at Worthing currently as I would prefer there to Chichester but I don’t want just any jobs.

19th March 2020

Portsmouth has a recruitment day and I have been asked to tell them the areas I am interested in. I don’t particularly want to work at Portsmouth but if that was where the role is I’ll take it to start.

So far I have yet to hear from Brighton but I haven’t seen any specific NQN recruitment post.

I have been speaking to someone in my cohort who was telling me that cohort 1, who have just qualified, are still waiting for the go-ahead to apply for their pins! So looking like a March start date. Not sure if you can start as a NQN on a band 3 or 4 before you can even apply for your pin or only when you are awating it.

So 2.5 months of nothing, as long as I don’t need to repeat. Apparently one of the modules is really hard and quiet a few in cohort 1 had to repeat and they only got their results yesterday. As long as I can still work as a HCA till March I’ll be fine.

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Getting that job

life uni
Nursing 1024x1024 - Getting that job

I have officially registered onto my final year of nursing, this means I’m a soon to qualify nurse! I can now start applying for roles.

Some people may say it’s too early to be doing this but I know of people who have received job offers in October with a start date of the following September. I see it as more opportunities to land that role, especially if you want to work in a certain area.

I’ve applied to 3 or 4 in Worthing/Chichester, 1 in Brighton, and even one in Portsmouth. I’m just hoping that a job I want comes up, I really don’t see myself in elderly care.

I can’t be that picky though and I will accept pretty much any job. It’s best to have multiple offers rather than none at all.

Not sure if anyone in my cohort has started applying yet. I know some won’t for a while. To think that by March I could have my first role as a NQN!

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A sort of review



Started working at a local rehab unit, spent most of my time working in the kitchen, which I actually enjoyed


Fire in our block of flats, fire across the court yard from us in the early hours of the morning. Tenant wasn’t in, probably dealing his drugs. Turned out he was growing lovely little plants in the flat, redirecting electric and making alterations to the flat. Think he’s now in jail.
Visited my parents in Nottingham & Keiths sister in Leeds


Visited my parents while they were in Eastbourn


Both got jobs in Worthing and moved at the end of the month.


Started my new job and knew I wouldn’t be staying long.


Celebrated my mums 70th birthday
I turned 33 at the end of the month


Celebrated our first Christmas in Worthing

christmas.png 1024x683 - A sort of review christmas2.png 683x1024 f improf 600x900 - A sort of reviewchristmas3.png 512x1024 - A sort of review
Visited a vintage tea room (they actually serve afternoon tea)

tearoom.png 683x1024 f improf 600x900 - A sort of review

Attended a celtic wedding, that just so happen to be at our fave pub while we were there

wedding.png 512x1024 - A sort of reviewTonight we are going back to the pub to celebrate new years eve. Adventure to be written tomorrow 😉

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