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Fighting for the grades 1024x1024 - What is going on...

So how are my grades looking so far? Not good actually. The group presentation came back as 52 and all but one person in our group thought that was a crap grade. My acute care grade came back as 40!! That same person above went and failed! I’m barely going to get a 2:2 this year at this rate.

I’ve worked out I need 65+ on all assignments in 3rd year for even a 2:2.

Is anyone else struggling with university or has anyone struggled

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Tea Party Announcement Facebook Post - Assignments

This post was originally going to be about just the one unit and how I’ve finally done with the essay but I can now happily announce that I have completed ALL my assignments for ALL units!!!

Engaging with Service Improvement – 10% similarity
Evidence Based Project Plan – 2% similarity
Evidence Based Lit Review – 8% similarity

The marks back on other essays are due around 4th November, though the poster presentation as already been marked, so could be back anytime now.

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Nurse training update….


school logo - Nurse training update....

From September 2017 I shall be doing my nursing training at the Uni of Southampton!!!!

I went to a PGDip Feb 2017 selection day on 25th November even though I had applied for PGDip Feb 2018 & BN Sept 2017. The day started with the small group activities which was us basically sitting around a table discussing a question they gave us. I felt that went really well. We then had a short one-2-one to give feedback on how we felt we did and what we would change if we did it again. I know I say lots of ‘ums’ and ‘ahs’ throughout.

The hard part came later when we had the maths & english tests. 45 mins to answer 10 maths questions and answer a question on the papers we had to read before the day. It may sound like plenty of time but it wasn’t, I know I made some stupid mistakes in the maths and really didn’t answer the english question correctly.

We were told we would hear in 10 days time so 9 days later while off work ill, I receive an update from UCAS. An unsuccessful for the PGDip but a successful for the BN! I didn’t score enough in the tests for the PGDip, I’m wondering if the papers were different if I had gone to BN selection day or the pass mark was lower.

I am completely in shock to be honest, I just need to get my maths certificate, a reference from the OU and pass my current degree, no biggy then.

I had my interview for Brighton on 22nd November and was told I was unsuccessful on 25th November (I was too informal during the interviews, I thought I was just being relaxed).

I am still waiting to hear about interviews for Surrey & Portsmouth.

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