What is going on…

Fighting for the grades 1024x1024 - What is going on...

So how are my grades looking so far? Not good actually. The group presentation came back as 52 and all but one person in our group thought that was a crap grade. My acute care grade came back as 40!! That same person above went and failed! I’m barely going to get a 2:2 this year at this rate.

I’ve worked out I need 65+ on all assignments in 3rd year for even a 2:2.

Is anyone else struggling with university or has anyone struggled

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Student finance update


student finance england logo - Student finance update

So the letter I received from student finance wasn’t anything to worry about after all. I managed to log on on Monday and found that my application had been completed and I have been given the full amount of £9690!!! That is more than I thought it would be and will mean I can do one-two less bank shifts a month!

The issue is that they can’t confirm my course as Southampton. I am going to wait till I hear from Portsmouth before I do anything. I will then either change my chosen uni with student finance or ask Southampton to confirmed the course with them.

I am starting to think that a Feb start date maybe a good thing. I could potentially pay off all debt in my name apart from my loan. If that is the case I will be able to through extra money on it and try and finish is during my training. That will be hard going as I also want to be able to save a little also.

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Portsmouth Uni interview + applying for finance


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On 16th March I went to my final interview for nursing training. I actually fell in love with the uni & course at Portsmouth.

They have just restarted their nursing degrees and the first intake was this past January. They have a new building with amazing facilities and placements local to me!!!! They give you your books and even a laptop that you keep. They take around 117 students per intake and have 2 intakes a year: Jan & Sept.

The day started with filling in forms then a short presentation which really made me want to go there (local placements). We then had our maths & lit tests both on a laptop 😉 which I found easy but prob made a stupid mistake or 2 but you only need 50% I think. After this was the tour, which I haven’t had at any other uni. Everything it high tech, modern and under 1 roof. They are 1 or only 2 uni’s to have a interactive ‘cadaver’, which is a complete scan or 2 real people who gave their bodies to science. I’ll miss not having actual organs though 😉

The interview was the last part. It was me and 2 interviewees. It seemed to go well, we laughed, they said ‘great’ loads of times & nodded, and I actually asked questions at the end. I felt relaxes but still nervous. I didn’t say much about the area but think I pulled it back with answers to other questions.

What do you know about Portsmouth?
Why Portsmouth?
Why Portsmouth uni?
What is a skill & a value?
What skills do you have?
What values do you have?
What difficulties could you face when you first start the course?
Scenario 1
Scenario 2
Others I forgotten

We should know soon. They made their decisions on 17th March, which were sent to UCAS, but they are saying it could be a few weeks before we hear from UCAS 🙁 . I went to check online today but the system is in maintenance, hope that doesn’t delay us hearing the results. I’d be happen with either a September or February start date and I know that if I’m not successful I still have Southampton to fall back on.

On the topic of finance I just found a letter dated 24th Feb saying that they don’t recognise the course that I have applied for and I need to get the Uni to confirm it. Of course the site is down for maintenance also so I’ll check what I applied for tomorrow and if I need to then contact the uni. I’ll have to change it to Portsmouth if I get an offer anyways.

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