Making a better me

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A new gym opened up near me recently so I decided to join. It’s not my nearest gym but it is a near strength gym with little cardio equipment and loads of strength equipment, some I’ve not seen in any other gym.

So far it hasn’t been too busy so I’m managed to do the workout I’d planned each time. I’ve been 6 times this month already!

I have restarted Strong Life 5×5 and add other exercises afterwards – bar hands, hack squat, box jumps, battle ropes, Jacobs ladder, lying rows, various leg press machines and cable + barbell exercises. I’m still working on a set routine, at the moment I just go with how I feel.

I’m really excited about this and the gym has become my happy place.

Do you stop & start as much as me? Do you have a happy place?

Stronglifts 5×5 – update

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So I have now completed 4 weeks of Stronglifts 5×5. It’s taken me longer than 4 weeks as I wasn’t doing it every time I went to the gym.

As you can see I haven’t increased weights every workout. I in fact reduced the weight on some of the lifts to try and master form.


Start: 30kg | Current: 45kg | Change: 15kg


Start: 30kg | Current: 32.5kg | Change: 2.5kg


Start: 20kg | Current: 20kg | Change: 0kg


Start: 40kg | Current: 55kg | Change: 15kg


Start: 20kg | Current: 20kg | Change: 0kg


Stronglift 5×5 week 2 – day 2

120835d1384261975 stronglifts 5x5 anyone use opinions stronglifts part 2 - Stronglift 5×5 week 2 – day 2


Current 40kg | Previous 37.5kg | Increase 2.5kg


Current 32.5kg | Previous 30kg | Increase 2.5kg


Current 22.5kg | Previous 20kg | Increase 2.5kg

I went ahead and increased my squat to 40kg, I pushed through but I managed it 🙂 I’m surprised with how well I am actually able to add weight.  A little better on form and I’ll be flying.

Bench press was a struggle though. My arms just aren’t the strong and I know I won’t be able to carry on adding weight each week.

Bent over row on the other hand, I’m finding just fine with adding weight and think I could add more next workout.

Stronglift 5×5 week 2 – day 1

120835d1384261975 stronglifts 5x5 anyone use opinions stronglifts part 2 - Stronglift 5x5 week 2 - day 1

Today (Monday) was the start of week 2 on Stronglifts 5×5.


Current 37.5kg | Previous 35kg | Increase 2.5kg


Current 20kg | Previous 20kg | Increase 0kg


Current 45kg | Previous 40kg | Increase 5kg

I am having trouble with the OHD as previously mentioned so I think I will try it @ 15kg till I have mastered the form, 37.5kg for squat was a push also, I may stick to that weight for a week or so.

I had booked in for 2 classes today but I didn’t manage to get to either. The first I slept through and the second I got the time wrong. Not sure if I will like the classes or not but I’m going to give them a try, I do want to do the functional classes though.