3rd year placements

Illustrated Twigs and Leaves Engagement Party Invitation 1024x1024 - 3rd year placements

I’m not one to just wait around, too many times things haven’t been done when they should and delays have happened. Due to this since December 2019 I have been checking our uni cohort placement spreadsheet to see if it was updated.

13th January, it finally looked like things were happening. There was an extra page, even if it was only named ‘sheet 3’ at that point. Excited, I clicked on the page and saw a list of our names next to dates and placement names. I scanned down the page, looking for my name. Finally, I spotted it but my placement was TBC. All but 2 of us had placement confirmed. I am the only one of my cohort in my placement area and assumed, therefore, it was easier to arrange for me. May be due to me going direct to the NHS trust asking for specific placements, there is a delay. I really hope I don’t get a community placement, not many do in 3rd year. In my cohort, there is probably only 4-5, with the rest mostly in ITU.

I start back at uni in just over 1 week and start placement in 5 weeks. I hope it’s not last minute, I know a few last year who didn’t know till like 1 week before.

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My time at uni so far….

life uni

150ml 5.07oz - My time at uni so far....

I have been at uni for 4 months now so feel it’s about time for an update.

Our first week there for all induction, info on course + modules + tutors etc, we got down to business the second week. We are only there Monday – Thursday so I have been able to keep my job, though I will be leaving it soon (more to come later).

In the first year we have the following modules:

  • Foundations Of Nursing Knowledge
  • Foundations Of Nursing Practice
  • Human Anatomy And Physiology For Nursing
  • Nursing Assessment Skills
  • Person Centred Practice

By far the hardest module is Human Anatomy And Physiology For Nursing. I find it the most interesting but also the hardest 🙁 We have four 1 hr online exams for this module, thankfully mostly multiple choice. I’m not doing any current revision as yet as I am concentrating on my other modules.

Very early on everyone broke into social groups, most people are local, but there are a few of us that have to travel some distance. There are/were 24 people in our co-hort, so a nice small group, we have since been joined by 6 (I think) students from the co-hort before us. they either needed to make up placement hours + failed a module or failed part of a module. You fail the year if you fail 60 + credits. Some are retaking Foundations Of Nursing Practice (they failed either hours or assignments), some are retaking that plus Nursing Assessment Skills and some just Nursing Assessment Skills. We have also lost one student you gave up and one student who is pregnant so isn’t allowed to do placements, therefore she is doing her placements with the September co-hort and will be in the year below us.

We have so far only handed in two assignments. One was a 1000 word report for Foundations Of Nursing Knowledge the other was a presentation that was recorded! We should be getting our marks back any day now. We have a presentation due in in July (as well as anatomy) but our main focus right now is placements.

Placements have been another thing entirely. There were many an issue for some people. I pick Portsmouth uni due to the placement area i.e Worthing, but all my placements this year are in Bognor or Chichester. When I queried this, as it turns out you stay in that area/hospital the full 3 years, they were surprised as I live in Worthing and asked if I’d be interested in Brighton. No difference in travel but a much bigger hospital, so I said yes. As far I haven’t heard anything, so either nothing will happen or it will change for next year. I was expecting to get a nursing home placement 5 min walk from my house but that hasn’t happen, maybe next year.

Other people had much bigger issue than me, some couldn’t get in touch with anyone, some had their placement taken away and some didn’t even know where they were going to start with. We start placements next week and have two 3 week placements with our OSCEs the week between them!

More on placements + OSCEs to follow.

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That time I took part in SimEx 2018


SIMEX Logo Original - That time I took part in SimEx 2018

SIMEX Series is the UK’s largest annual international disaster response exercise. It is an operational (live controlled) field exercise designed to establish a learning environment for players to exercise disaster event response plans, policies and procedures. Player participation comprises of; activate, mobilise, respond operationally on scene, report (internally and externally), implement short and medium-term plans, hand-over, demobilise and complete after-action reviews.

SIMEX Series of exercises have taken place annually since 2012. The exercise comprises a mix of live, simulation and command and control events in order to provide a neutral platform to test both national and international emergency response mechanisms. The overall aims of the exercise comprise of:

  1. The development of international and national response capacity;
  2. The promotion of coordination of humanitarian assistance, emergency response, research and education;
  3. The evaluation of the disaster management systems presented by the participating organisations

Screenshot 2018 05 17 at 14.43.41 1024x290 - That time I took part in SimEx 2018

Many many organisations took part. Go here to see a whole list.

The whole thing lasted 3 days but as 1st year nursing students we were only there on the one day, the Wednesday, at Fort Widley. Some of us (not me) did however take part in the Tuesday evening events and many of my co-hort didn’t even bother taking part!!

Getting to Fort Widley

20180516 071517 e1526565713866 1024x576 - That time I took part in SimEx 2018

20180516 071258 1024x576 - That time I took part in SimEx 2018


20180516 090649 e1526566095211 1024x576 - That time I took part in SimEx 2018

20180516 081042 e1526566125336 576x1024 - That time I took part in SimEx 2018

20180516 091910 1024x576 - That time I took part in SimEx 2018

20180516 105429 e1526566188667 576x1024 - That time I took part in SimEx 2018

IMG 20180517 WA0003 768x1024 - That time I took part in SimEx 2018

20180516 144436 1024x576 - That time I took part in SimEx 2018

20180516 144701 e1526566529919 1024x576 - That time I took part in SimEx 2018

20180516 145245 1024x576 - That time I took part in SimEx 2018

Those are just a few of the photos taken on the day. Can’t wait till next year as we will be fully involved in 2 days of action. The Tuesday as casualties and the Wednesdays as nurses.

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I got into uni!


nursing 300x92 - I got into uni!

After weeks of wondering  and emails to uni, I finally today got the news I was waiting for…I got my uni confirmation that I will be going to uni in Feb 2018 to do nurse training!!!!

Needing to go out to celebrate at some point 😉

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University updates….


university - University updates....

I recently received my final TMA mark back, it wasn’t good. I need to get 40% for the OCAS but I have only gotten 38.4% 🙁 I  have contacted both my tutor and student support to see what is now going to happen. I have my EMA all ready to submit but is it worth it, will it even get marked.

I have also contacted Portsmouth Uni to see if they will accept an ordinary degree (300 credits) rather than an honors degree (360 credits). I really don’t want to lose my nursing place. Only time will tell.

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Uni update


Open University coat of arms - Uni update

So lets see, my mid July I will know whether I have passed my Health & Social Care degree or not and whether I go into nurse training.

SDK228 The science of the mind: investigating mental health

I’m not doing too great with this module (in fact not great with either module). I have 3 TMAs and 1 EMA. I need to pass with at least 40% overall on the TMAs to be able to submit my EMA (no exam here!).

TMA01 40%
TMA02 36%
TMA03 to submit

For TMA02 I didn’t actually submit the whole assignment, only the research table. I *think* I could have gotten 50% at least if I had.  TMA03 on the other hand I am so far liking. It’s all about addiction and we have 3 main questions broken down into sub-questions. I feel like I can get a good grade for this one and I’m actually doing the readying!

K311 Promoting public health: skills, perspectives and practice

This module is pretty boring. There were very few choices in modules, the only other one I could do I did last year. Any others were more work based so I couldn’t do them.

Marking is the same as for SDK228, the only difference is that I have 5 TMAs and 1 EMA.

TMA01 50%
TMA02 40%
TMA03 awaiting result
TMA04 to submit
TMA05 to submit

I haven’t even looked at TMA04 yet, I want to get TMA03 for SDK228 done first.

I just want this degree to be over with.

As for nurse training,I sent off my GCSE Math certificate to Southampton Uni as well as my OU referee details so I’m hoping that those two things are ticked off my list & all I need now is to pass my degree.

I have an interview at Surrey in March finally! I just need to get off my night shift the night before as I need to get a 6am train and my shifts doesn’t end til 8am! I’m not totally sure I want to got to Surrey, what with there no longer being any secondments, and the travel to uni being horrible, but placements will be so much better than at Southampton location wise.

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