What is going on…

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So how are my grades looking so far? Not good actually. The group presentation came back as 52 and all but one person in our group thought that was a crap grade. My acute care grade came back as 40!! That same person above went and failed! I’m barely going to get a 2:2 this year at this rate.

I’ve worked out I need 65+ on all assignments in 3rd year for even a 2:2.

Is anyone else struggling with university or has anyone struggled

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University: A possible change in working schedule


150ml 5.07oz - University: A possible change in working schedule

My original plan was to drop to only working one day a week (12.5hrs) so I’d have time to study as well as time off from both. Now that doesn’t appear to be possible. Matron has said that the min hours we can work is 23 so that means if I plan to stay (and I need the money) I have to work two days a week.

For the first year this is do-able as this year is basic and doesn’t count towards my final grade but for years 2+3 this could be a struggle. I’ve know people who have managed to work every weekend but that is not something that I want to do. I plan to carry on and see how things go, if needs be I’ll need to look for agency work so it is more flexible and still good pay.

What do you think I should do?

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