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On 9th December 2018, I completed my first year of university and all I have left is an OSCE resit in January. I have 8 weeks off before I return for second year (if I return).

My first assessed placement didn’t end too badly, I ended up having to go in the day after I finished to get my paperwork signed of, I was just glad to be finished with the place.

My second assessed placement was much better, the mentor I spent most of my time with was utter crap but my other mentor and everyone else were great. The placement provided me with lots of learning experiences and I’m really happy with how my year ended. 

I feel I have developed over the year, I just have to wait for results the board meets this week!

From now on I am working as much as possible before I return, I am only on a bank flexi contract now so I can fit work around placements much easier. 

This first year was easy compared to what lies ahead. 

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Life: Uni update…


crest - Life: Uni update...

There hasn’t been much movement of late in regards to university info. I have been waiting for the day I could set up my student account.

Well the day finally arrived on 29th November, exactly two months before I start uni. I managed to set up my student gmail account as well as register at the uni. I can’t now see details module information but no timetable. I still need to do ID checks once there, complete my student card and occ health forms.

It is slowly all happening.

I don’t have my timetable yet but I have emailed them to ask what days I’ll be in at least. I need to let work know. I have decided to leave my current role at the end of March 2018 as I don’t want to commit to 23 hours EVERY week, I am however staying on the bank and aiming to do 5 – 6 shifts a month.

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University: The countdown begins


150ml 5.07oz - University: The countdown begins


I have 5 months remaining before I become a full-time student again! This time will no doubt go fast, I’ll probably be working mostly, trying to save as well as pay down debt. I can”t actually do anything uni related yet as my student ID number doesn’t activate til 2 months before start date. I just want my timetable!


  • Lose weight. I have around 55 lbs to lose in total but I would like to lose 1/2 before I start uni so aiming for 150 lbs.
  • Pay off debt. I have £7500 of debt of that £1480 is credit cards. To day that off in 5 months would mean £296 per month! A huge task and one I don’t see myself making unfortunately. I will be looking at it an other way and pay via the avalanche method of paying off the highest interest first. So the order will be: Aqua (£189); Marbles (£450); Barclaycard (£355); Lloyds (£500). Anything left I hope to transfer to my OD on a new student account as there will be no interest.


  • New glasses. I really need a check up and new glasses but I need to save up for this as its not cheap £200+check up
  • Dye hair. I plan to actually go to the hairdresses this time and get a full cut and dye. No idea on price but I’m thinking £100.

What are your plans for the lead up to university starting. Are you going into your first year, second or last?

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