Getting back on it…

So I totally suck at this blogging thing. I have started to see where I want to be in the future and I’m looking forward to becoming a nurse in 2021.

I have started my second year of nurse training and I am currently on my first placement at the local A&E department which I am loving. Since starting I appear to have been losing a bit of weight. I don’t feel as hungry during placement as I normally do working on other words, that will waling loads has definitely help.

Since the start of the new year I have tried different things fitness wise. I have joined the new local 24hr gym but location is bad for me so I basically stopped going and realised that I didn’t actually need a 24/7 gym at all. I have since re-joined a more local and nicer gym and I’m trying to go 3 times a week. I also looked again at online personal coaching but the first attempt didn’t work for me, I got bored etc. I then joined a local trainer for her online plans and enjoy it but I think I need more structure.

I have since discovered a new small group training centre around the corner from me for a reasonable price and loads of class times (others I’ve found are over 2-3 days and 2 times a day). I’m looking at joining next month along with the other gym at weekends. I truly hope this works out I need to improve my fitness and lose weight.

Talking about weight, I intend to log me weight weekly on here and below is my weekly weight log since the beginning of the year.

weight 1 1 - Getting back on it...

A new year…a new start

Screenshot 20180101 113159 576x1024 - A new year...a new start

I am currently 82.6 kg. I Iost very little in 2017, in fact I lost and gained the same few kg throughout the year. This year, 2018, is the time for real change, this year I am going to really track my food, be mindfull of what I eat and aim to lose 15-20 kg.

I say this every year but one year it will happen 😉

Weights & measures – 25th September 2017

160476922 - Weights & measures - 25th September 2017

I’m starting afresh so I’m not comparing anything to previous months.


Highest 203lbs
Current 181.4lbs
Goal 115lbs


Neck 15.5in
L arm 13in
R arm 13in
Wrist 6.5in
Waist 39.5in
Hips 44.5in
Stomach 46in
L thigh 26.4in
R thigh 25.4in
L calf 18.2in
R calf 18in

Not much progress. I do find it hard to stick to my calorie goals. Just today I got the shakes around 3pm after eating 2 meals.

What tips do you have?

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