Weights & measures – 25th September 2017


160476922 - Weights & measures - 25th September 2017

I’m starting afresh so I’m not comparing anything to previous months.


Highest 203lbs
Current 181.4lbs
Goal 115lbs


Neck 15.5in
L arm 13in
R arm 13in
Wrist 6.5in
Waist 39.5in
Hips 44.5in
Stomach 46in
L thigh 26.4in
R thigh 25.4in
L calf 18.2in
R calf 18in

Not much progress. I do find it hard to stick to my calorie goals. Just today I got the shakes around 3pm after eating 2 meals.

What tips do you have?

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A totally honest post on weight


I am ashamed even embarrassed to even think I ever thought I had lost so much weight since 2013. In fact the most I’ve lost is probably nearer 20lbs not 60lbs. Today my weight stands at 187.4lbs only 15.6lbs from my highest weight of 203lbs! 

I went down to an almost size 14 (uk), I could fit in some but not others, and am now back to a size 18 (uk) in some clothes! I dream to be a size 8-10 (uk), to be 105-1 20lbs but I just can’t see that happening.

I need to sort out my eating habbits, get back to the gym and running, I need to look after myself, to have confidence and care.

My gym opening has now been pushed back to January so I really need to cut the calories and run more NOW!

I have decided to try having breakfast most mornings. I used to skip it on work days, thinking I’d be hungry by 10am anyways so I’d have a meal then instead. Now I am only going to snack on my first work break and have a mackeral/chicken salad type dish for lunch, aiming for 1000 calories before 8pm, then 500 – 800 calories for dinner/drinks. That way I should be able to achieve a 500-1000 calorie deficit. On none work days, I shall budget up to 200 for drinks, 400 for breakfast, 400 for lunch and 700 for dinner, aiming for under 2000 calories for the day, so in need for some exercise.

Anyone else in need of a real push in the right direction?

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Not quite my stats…


20161018 224213 e1477152286642 576x1024 - Not quite my stats...

While on a night shift the other night there was a all singing all dancing scale just calling me to try it. There was not much going on so I thought why not. I am about 15-2lb heavier here. Yes I have put some weight back on (a reason why I haven’t done a weights & measures post this month) but I have also been eating throughout the day and have clothes on 😉

I really need to get back on the weight loss band wagon. I don’t want to get down to the above 48.6kg (107lbs) but 50-55kg (110-121lb).

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Weigh in weekend…


So today I weigh in at 178.6lb!! That’s 10.5lb since 6th July so 6.5 weeks/1.6lb a week or there abouts. That’s pretty good going. I’ve started to notice that my stomach is getting better and there is no longer any ‘overhang’, rather it just sticks out now, soon to only be a bump. I have actually lost 2in on my stomach.

I can tell no body is reading this blog as I have been recording my measurements all wrong. I have measured correctly just writing everything as cm instead as in lol

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An honest post – weight


august 2016 1024x475 - An honest post - weight

I can honestly say I weigh 181.8lbs! Looking back at pictures I wasn’t seeing much of a change and I KNEW I hadn’t really lost as much weight as my scale was saying. No way was I anywhere near 145lbs. It just shows carpets & wonky floor don’t help!

So I am starting again. I am taking my weekly weight from the scale in my living room but I am still keeping the one in the bedroom which will stay linked to my main myfitnesspal account. Call me crazy but this helps with the near 60lbs I have still to lose.

Weight – 181.8lb

Chest – 37cm ⇓ 1cm
Waist –37.5cm ⇓ 2.5cm
Stomach – 43.5cm ⇓ 1.5cm
Left arm – 14cm ⇓ 0.5cm
Right arm – 13cm ⇔no change
Hips – 44cm 2cm
Left thigh – 25cm ⇓ 2.5cm
Right thigh – 26cm ⇓ 1cm
Left wrist – 6.5cm ⇔no change
right wrist – 6.5cm ⇔no change
Neck – 13cm ⇓ 1cm
Calf – 18cm ⇔no change

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