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So over the month of Dec I started in get into blogging again and found some amazing people and just had to read their blogs from start to finish – yes thats right Jess , Ali , Ash , Roni , Kate , Susan . Yes I read other blogs, I actually follow 45 blogs on bloglovin.

All (45+) have been inspirational, some have lost weight & kept if off, others have a hard time getting rid of it but they don’t give up, some are runners who have made me want to get into running too and some have made complete life changes. All of them have something to offer.

I have a long way to get to their level of fitness/health/blogging. I’m not sure I’ll ever be able to blog everyday or get up at 5am every morning to go running (this I’m looking to change). I need to add more content, a better layout, I need to get an audience.

I think I will do some link ups but I have no clue how they work.

I’m not sure how this blog with go, I hope it will grow & grow.

Anyways in fitness news, I decided to go for a 3mile walk yesterday morning even though it was wet and raining slightly. I decided to check out the walk to my new job and from there walk through the park, then get the bus home. Well I don’t think I picked the best day for it lol

I did attempt to run once in the park but it just wasn’t the right conditions to do so.

EDIT: I just bought a domain – ! I already have a web host ( I used to make/run fan site for a few people but stopped that and haven’t used it for ages) so will be transfering my blog over there real soon

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