Gym progress

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So the gym is starting to look like a gym, it is very much a building site though.

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It has progressed since the above photo, the walls are actually walls etc. There are 360 degree ‘photos’ on their facebook site here & here.

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Above is the studio

15390734 376406986042275 690325070055567881 n - Gym progress

Here you have: office; physio room; walk way; studio. To the right will be changing rooms (I think).

They also published a class timetable but I’m not sure how many, if any I’ll do. The classes flagged blue are virtual classes (most appear to be) and as I don’t like workout dvd’s I’m not sure how motivated I’d be for them. A shame the only body x class not virtual is bodypump, looks like I could potentially go to one classes a day each weekday. Shows that the trainers aren’t earning their money on teaching classes rather pushing for personal training sessions. I don’t want any of them other than the initial introduction to make sure my form is correct, show me the equipment etc I already have a workout in mind.

Can’t wait til 1st Feb when they finally open their door!


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