1374209 10152288930348662 1197105629 n 21 253x300 - MeI am a 30 something northerner (that’s what the south call us) living on the south coast of England.

I am currently a nursing student and struggling with life & debts. I previously studied with The Open University in Health & Social Care and want to go back to study either BSc Data Science, BSc Natural Science or BSc Forensic Psychology.

Once a qualified nurse I have a 5 year plan to become a clinical trails/research nurse.

I am extremely lazy, messy, disorganised, a loner, unfit, over weight and an extreme introvert.

I am a no kids no marriage kind of girl, thankfully my partner is the same.
I am extremely opinionated
I love beer/ale
I travel to the US to watch NASCAR
I’m more American than British (I wish I could live over there)
I get really inspired by others blogs, weight loss etc but I just can’t get pass the whole laziness, which is so stupid

I blog about anything & infrequently to boot. You will notice I don’t talk much about friends or family. My family live miles away & while in the US a 7hr journey is seen as nothing, in the UK it’s a weekend away. My friends, well I don’t have that many, I don’t see much, I talk to them mostly online or on the phone. I have come to realize last year that I think my weight is mainly to do with this. I haven’t been to theatre/WE performer gigs for years now (I used to go a lot), so no-one has been me this weight and I think I just don’t want them too.

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