Our flat – part one

After 5 months of living in our flat, I have finally gotten round to starting the posts about the place.

Floorplan 10highpinesstbotolphsroadworthingbn114ju web floor plan - Our flat - part one

This is the layout to our 1st floor flat. The rooms are really big, the bathroom slightly small but it is livable.

20151218 104240 7959 - Our flat - part one

The kitchen with a pantry and room to the left for a table

20151218 104246 7494 - Our flat - part one

The lounge. This is larger than it looks and really gets the light

20151218 104247 9591 - Our flat - part one

The balcony off the bedroom. Our little outside space to do with as we please.

The above photos are from the rental advert. I shall be adding my own photos to posts to follow real soon.

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