I find it so much harder to run outside than on the treadmill. Yesterday I mentioned that I managed to run 3.3km with only a short walking period. Today I tried running outside this morning, I only got as far as 0.38m / 0.61km 🙁 It’s not my legs that stop me but my breathing etc. My throat gets very dry very quickly even when I have water with me, I don’t know why, I don’t think I’m running too fast in fact I don’t think I can run any slower. My average pace is 13:43 min/mi for the 5:15 min that I did run.

I have gone out and bought the running worlds ‘run your belly off’ book which I plan to use to get my running better and to lose weight. It is a 12 week program not just on running but also on food. It starts off with 4x30min walks so I have worked out a 35 ish min walk to the gym so that I can workout there afterwards. I aim to start on Monday and do a gliding class after the walk. I’m not sure what is going to happen once I start the running, I mean I’ll have a bag with me, maybe I’ll go back to not taking a bag to the gym, maybe get a runners belt to put deodorant in.

I need to up my workouts, while my work is helping with this, my trips to the pub aren’t 😉

My food for yesterday

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