The journey

So I have really tried to be healthier since Feb 2013. On 1st Feb I weighed 203lbs, today on 12th Dec I weigh 187, that is a decrease of 16lbs, that is a 3.55lb a week lose. I did get down to181lbs in November but I put it back on again 🙁

I aim to lose 52lbs by 1st Jan 2015 so that will be 135lbs minus anything I lose between now 1st Jan 2014.

I need to be better with my diet. I need to stick to my allocated daily calorie limit and not go over it or think as I’m doing the TDEE – 500 calories method I don’t need to.

I also need to increase my exercise. I have a new routine as of today which I want to stick to, I will also be adding other cardio into it as well as going to classes.

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