This is my new gym

Yes I have joined yet another gym, this one however is 2.2 miles from my house so further than I usually go.

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I representation of what it will look like once the building has been completed (currently a building site). Gym on ground floor with cafe and living accommodation above (I think).

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what it looks like in real life.

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view, better when completed

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10686705 1059981387363908 7087339380037195600 n - This is my new gym
my new home.

Classes are outside and look great. I actually plan to do some of them this time around, some start early though (6am) so we’ll see which I get too 😉

This is the only gym I’ve found with a stair master and not a stepper, I can only manage 3 mins so far. They also have spin bikes which you use yourself and follow the screen. Looking forward to using them. I have a strength training/power rack plan sorted but am thinking I may need something else if the rack is busy. They don’t have many plates yet so I’m hoping that they get more soon.

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