So this page will list my weight lose. I will write a whole weight story at some point.

My weight

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I started gaining weight in 2011 (I think). I have never been thin, but when I moved to London in 2003 I was a UK size 8 or 10 and in 2010 I was a UK size 10-12. I seemed to have skipped over sizes 14-16. I think once I moving to Bromley with Keith in 2011 we drank more, eat big portions and I wasn’t very active.
I never really saw my weight increase, I just decided at the beginning of 2013 I wanted to get back down to a size 8 or 10. It wasn’t til I looked back at a photo from 2010 that I realised just how much weight I had gained.

As I have mentioned above I am so lazy, I joined gyms but I just didn’t like going (the cheap gyms where/are crap). I then found a good health club and went a fair amount of time but I just wasn’t watching what I ate. I managed to lose 1 stone in 2014 (not much at all) but that is really all I have lost.

I have joined a leisure centre in Worthing but I haven’t been much. The gym at my local is too small, I do go swimming though and take classes when I can. I don’t like going in the evenings but I am trying to change that as I like to run in the early mornings. Just joined David Lloyd and so far I am loving it.

* the May 2013 photo I wasn’t 200lbs but don’t have a photo of that at present.

My weight in 2016 (so far):

weight2016 - Transformation

My weight 2015:

weight2015 - Transformation

I started the year on 195.5lbs and as of July 5th 2015 I am 154.1lbs. I think I have stalled again at the weight but hope to be in the 140s by the end of July.

My weight in 2014:

2014weight 820x259 f improf 620x196 - Transformation

My weight stalled in 2014, I don’t really weight myself much.  It wasn’t till the end of the year that I started using the Aria scale which automatically updates my weight to fitbit and other apps.

My weight in 2013:

weight - Transformation

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